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Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Google Docs secrets

I learned from this video that I can do drag and drop images to my Google Doc files and also can insert images from Google Image search, I didn't know about that and the fun part here is that I can drag and drop all my doc files to my Google Docs and also save and back up all of it by batches. Awesome!!

I'm heavily using Google Docs for awhile now because I'm always online and I share my files to some of my friends to do collaboration edit and view of our files.

Friday, May 27, 2011

coverage: AKTV Run to kick-off new TV5 sports block on June 5


Blog Coverage by Sef Gutierrez

Since they believe in the power of sports to inspire people TV5 is launching the new primetime sports block that will become the home of sports and active lifestyle programs on IBC channel 13. That is why they invite all active and sports-minded Filipinos to participate in the much-awaited AKTV Run this June 5 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

AKTV Run will give loyal Kapatid followers a preview of what to expect from AKTV, which caters to Filipinos sports enthusiasts, health buffs as well as people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The featured race categories are: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K. TV5 also partnered with RunRio, the country’s leading race organizer, in mounting the event. The early morning race program will be hosted by Manu Sandejas and Chiqui Roa, hosts of the TV5 Saturday sports profile show Astig. (More story below)

coverage: The MaKULAY World of Oliver Tolentino

RIIR Marella Bag by Oliver Tolentino 3
Blog coverage by: Zheyme

Last May 17, 2011 RIIR Desinger Line had ups the fashion ante with the unveiling of their latest collection. It's so inspiring to know that the internationally acclaimed Filipino couture designer Oliver Tolentino collaborated with this event. The collections aims to pay tribute for the remarkable mother in the Philippines through the exquisite splash color of Oliver Tolentino designs. Describes MaKULAY as a "ma" for mother and "kulay" for the color. (More story below)

the robbery suspect

We are very lucky that we recovered all our items and jewelries from the robbery suspect, and thanks to the security guard roaming around on the other side of the village who caught the suspect walking towards the exit of the village. I got this news awhile ago from my wife and I went back home to check and see what happened. Then I heard that the suspect is now behind bars and then we went back to the police station to claim the jewelries that the suspect kept it under his brief. (more story below)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The extra charge in your credit card online app

Anyone here uses their credit card ?

Using your credit card is hassle free and its very convenient to use when shopping or going around the city. No longer do you need to stuff your man wallet with bills (like old folks do), all we need is a “swipe” or for my wife, she calls it “magical cards”, Because it contains money that we can borrow from a bank and use it to pay some bills of the food we eat in a restaurant, treat our friends in a meal, buy clothes from a store, book a hotel and even buy an airplane ticket. I’ve seen some horrors before about the problems of some people who use their cards in purchasing and buy some items, and the horror starts when they see the bank's statement and the amount of money that they should pay back. Others don't have any knowledge about credit cards and all I can hear is that they were automatically registered by their bank.. that's a weird gimik.

But in my case, I’m a little allergic to credit cards (and also to banks), I don’t even use one and I’m happy to use my on hand cash every time I go out, but I only use my BDO ATM and also got this China Trust debit card, but managing it with my bank is kinda hassle for my side with my busy schedules for my work (and I hate standing in a long line). But Then I realized that I needed one already due to that I’m going to travel outside the country and I’m sure credit cards are helpful and good companion when I’m away from my country and from my bank, I can use it in case of emergency and use it if ever I want to purchase something on the other side of the world. My sister will help me get that HSBC credit card, its a some sort of extension and I’ll just let her fix it and wait for some papers for me to sign in, it will be a brand new world for me if ever I own a credit card and reserve a time for me to pay a visit to my bank just to pay the credit card bills.

Its a great habit for credit card users to pay their credit card bill on time, because if we skipped paying the credit card bills, the amount of the finance charges/interest will be added and it will continue to increase. This is the time when credit cards become a financial burden. I also learned that from other people, I got scared in using a credit card, but I’m glad that there are tips online and blogs to read about how to save money and organize ourselves and how to use credit cards properly.

From the online networks I have and blogs to surf, I stumbled this cool credit card finance charge simulator and generator online, check : .

I learned from this site about paying my bills on time, I think I’m ready to own a credit card now.
After trying the site, Its funny, that you can calculate how much money you spent and a computation on the finance charge being given by our local banks, its kinda weird that I want to know a finance charge given by the bank that holds our card, but the bank is not listed. You can try it for free and see what's behind those magical cards and the extra charges given after the swipe. But for others just dont care about these finance charges, but I do know that we have this automatically updated on our bills whenever we use our credit cards.

what are your thoughts about credit cards? any sci fi story that you can share (or a horror story LOL) about these magical cards?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

note to myself and things to do
I think I'm around 80 percent okay and recovered and I'm trying to eat less and avoiding too much meat already, and drink lots of water.. I want to work right away starting this week and I want to post this check list here to remind me what I should do 1st

1. fix 2 PR projects
2. ToyCon stuff
3. docu papers for travel
4. bill my clients
5. collect payments
6. prepare and buy more food for Ash's birthday tomorrow
7. clean the other house
8. clean the mini pool
9. catch up on a new bloggers event that we're organizing
10. update this blog

hmmm looks like I'll be super busy again and attending events will be rare for me.. to my blogger reporters..get ready!

Baby Ash 1st year birthday preparation for May 24

Few weeks ago was our preparation for Ashton's 1st year old birthday, we got busy the past weeks when Ash was confined in the hospital, all our attention was into Ash's recovery and also taking care of all those hospital stuff at The Medical City. I started to count my money on my pocket and its already gone, and now I'm on a big debt and still trying to pay it one by one. Ok enough of that money drama. Mom and Dad sent their birthday blow out to Ash and then I told my wife to use it to buy lechon for the celebration, we love lechon! that's why I requested for it hehehe. then my wife told me that after she ordered the lechon, she then use the remaining cash and ordered a birthday cake for Ash in Goldilocks.heard it was an animated movie UP cake design, I wonder how it looked.

Our celebration is not that big or bongga for now, but we will just have our private celebration first with the entire family...good to hear that my relatives will join with us.. Really excited for Ash's day.
Few nights ago, Tita Len Montesclaros bought a load of Blues Clues DVD in AstroKids as a gift for Baby Ash...aww tnx Tita Len

feels like im low in blood

i feel weak and getting tired so still recovering from that stomach flu and digestion problems few days ago and followed by a fever. But its okay because I needed more rest for the upcoming busy-ness as the ToyCon event near and my preparing for a series of trips on the start of June. I feel like that my blood is low, but I try to eat slowly now and digest food, its a wrong move this morning to cook that beef noodle soup and Lucky Me beef is so salty for me, I didn't finished and I felt dizzy after it..could be those preservatives and salty beef flavor. But my energy went back after eating again that nilagang meal in a little bowl with rice. My wife cooked spaghetti today and I ate 2 mini bowls of it, but I felt weak again after feeling some indigestion.. hahahaha. I went sick again around 8pm and drank lots of water to hydrate myself and rest on the bed with Ash... My energy got drained after playing, taking care, feeding, bathing and put to sleep my baby boy Ash.

Ohhh. Ash will be 1 year old this Tuesday...arghhh I should be 100 percent recovered by that day. Ok.time to rest and eat carefully.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gloc 9 and Tanya Markova in a mash up performance for Coca Cola Music Station

Group 2
Its an exciting team up between Gloc 9 and Tanya Markova band, and finally we can see two artist collaborate with each other using their own songs and mix it together to form another song, that’s the Coca Cola Music Station is all about, music and the new generation of style for the youth. Everything can be watch here online at

more below!

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