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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Friday, June 03, 2011

My SMART Evolution LTE test in Boracay production note 4

Continuing our live test of the SMART Evolution LTE internet connection, were they bring the fastest internet connection speed that goes up to 60mbps-100mbps, but here in our field testing site in Boracay, we receive a total of 57mbps to 60bmps, and the speed depends on our location and I felt that surfing outside the building is much faster and smoother, but I don’t even complain if ever I receive 20mbps, for is still fast, but it is much better if I get a full speed, but I’m very happy for a 50mbps on some location I sit in here in Boracay. (more story below)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

My SMART Evolution LTE test in Boracay production note 3

Here’s my 1st encounter with the SMART Evolution LTE, after the demo and briefing, I immediately tried the plug and play USB dongle that is powered by SMART Evolution LTE, after a few configuration with the tech people of SMART, I experience a fast speed mobile internet in my laptop, I uploaded this 200mb PSD files and it finishes for about 5 minutes, after the upload, I uploaded again another 200MB, and it takes for a short time to finish…oh wow!! so fast…this is the fastest mobile internet for me.

check out below for some photos during the LTE test

My SMART Evolution LTE test in Boracay production note 2

Here's a video blog sample that I uploaded using Facebook video recording and stream it and record it using SMART Evolution LTE. The connection is so fast..the publishing of this video is just less than a second after I pressed the stop record button.

watch the video and see my reaction yay!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ed Westwick - new lead endorser for PENSHOPPE

Ed Westwick and Penshoppe are mentioned at blogs, social networking sites and micro blogs, its a big news for all fans of Ed Westwick and now Penshoppe is on the highlight for the fashion and lifestyle stream and trend. I'm copy pasting the news below on what will Ed Westwick will do for Penshoppe. I also read in Facebook and Twitter that he's here in Manila already.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ughhh last night

traffic on the way home...

and I waited for 2 hours in EDSA waiting for my bus ride...
that's why I hated going home early at 7pm...its rush hour time

another bonus part..I don't have my umbrella with me.. I took a bath under the rain while going to an office in Global City.

EDSA traffic

over pass

on foot

Sunday, May 29, 2011

have you tried SMART unlimited call and txt per day for only P25 ?

I received this news from my PR contact for SMART and they told me about this new promo offer, the SMARTALK UnliCall&Text25, its the unlimited call and text promo offer for only P25 and that will be good for one day and all you have to do is register and maintain a P1 balance to make the unlimited service active.

I’m going to try this tomorrow and write a review about their service, but its a short offer and it will be good till the end of May 2011, I don’t even know if this was offered before or are they launching it now just a teaser for an upcoming new call and txt offer for their 46 million subscribers hmmm.

here’s what you must do

” To register, text UNLI 25 to 6406.
To call, dial *6406 + 11-digit Smart/TNT/red #.
Maintain P1.00 balance while subscribed.
Use Smart Buddy Sim.
With this you can contact Smart, TNT and Red subscribers.
Valid until the end of May.  “

If you have tried it..then comment and post a review here.
saw this news posted also at
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