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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ughhh last night

traffic on the way home...

and I waited for 2 hours in EDSA waiting for my bus ride...
that's why I hated going home early at 7pm...its rush hour time

another bonus part..I don't have my umbrella with me.. I took a bath under the rain while going to an office in Global City.

EDSA traffic

over pass

on foot

Sunday, May 29, 2011

have you tried SMART unlimited call and txt per day for only P25 ?

I received this news from my PR contact for SMART and they told me about this new promo offer, the SMARTALK UnliCall&Text25, its the unlimited call and text promo offer for only P25 and that will be good for one day and all you have to do is register and maintain a P1 balance to make the unlimited service active.

I’m going to try this tomorrow and write a review about their service, but its a short offer and it will be good till the end of May 2011, I don’t even know if this was offered before or are they launching it now just a teaser for an upcoming new call and txt offer for their 46 million subscribers hmmm.

here’s what you must do

” To register, text UNLI 25 to 6406.
To call, dial *6406 + 11-digit Smart/TNT/red #.
Maintain P1.00 balance while subscribed.
Use Smart Buddy Sim.
With this you can contact Smart, TNT and Red subscribers.
Valid until the end of May.  “

If you have tried it..then comment and post a review here.
saw this news posted also at

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Google Docs secrets

I learned from this video that I can do drag and drop images to my Google Doc files and also can insert images from Google Image search, I didn't know about that and the fun part here is that I can drag and drop all my doc files to my Google Docs and also save and back up all of it by batches. Awesome!!

I'm heavily using Google Docs for awhile now because I'm always online and I share my files to some of my friends to do collaboration edit and view of our files.

Friday, May 27, 2011

coverage: AKTV Run to kick-off new TV5 sports block on June 5


Blog Coverage by Sef Gutierrez

Since they believe in the power of sports to inspire people TV5 is launching the new primetime sports block that will become the home of sports and active lifestyle programs on IBC channel 13. That is why they invite all active and sports-minded Filipinos to participate in the much-awaited AKTV Run this June 5 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City.

AKTV Run will give loyal Kapatid followers a preview of what to expect from AKTV, which caters to Filipinos sports enthusiasts, health buffs as well as people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The featured race categories are: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K. TV5 also partnered with RunRio, the country’s leading race organizer, in mounting the event. The early morning race program will be hosted by Manu Sandejas and Chiqui Roa, hosts of the TV5 Saturday sports profile show Astig. (More story below)

coverage: The MaKULAY World of Oliver Tolentino

RIIR Marella Bag by Oliver Tolentino 3
Blog coverage by: Zheyme

Last May 17, 2011 RIIR Desinger Line had ups the fashion ante with the unveiling of their latest collection. It's so inspiring to know that the internationally acclaimed Filipino couture designer Oliver Tolentino collaborated with this event. The collections aims to pay tribute for the remarkable mother in the Philippines through the exquisite splash color of Oliver Tolentino designs. Describes MaKULAY as a "ma" for mother and "kulay" for the color. (More story below)

the robbery suspect

We are very lucky that we recovered all our items and jewelries from the robbery suspect, and thanks to the security guard roaming around on the other side of the village who caught the suspect walking towards the exit of the village. I got this news awhile ago from my wife and I went back home to check and see what happened. Then I heard that the suspect is now behind bars and then we went back to the police station to claim the jewelries that the suspect kept it under his brief. (more story below)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The extra charge in your credit card online app

Anyone here uses their credit card ?

Using your credit card is hassle free and its very convenient to use when shopping or going around the city. No longer do you need to stuff your man wallet with bills (like old folks do), all we need is a “swipe” or for my wife, she calls it “magical cards”, Because it contains money that we can borrow from a bank and use it to pay some bills of the food we eat in a restaurant, treat our friends in a meal, buy clothes from a store, book a hotel and even buy an airplane ticket. I’ve seen some horrors before about the problems of some people who use their cards in purchasing and buy some items, and the horror starts when they see the bank's statement and the amount of money that they should pay back. Others don't have any knowledge about credit cards and all I can hear is that they were automatically registered by their bank.. that's a weird gimik.

But in my case, I’m a little allergic to credit cards (and also to banks), I don’t even use one and I’m happy to use my on hand cash every time I go out, but I only use my BDO ATM and also got this China Trust debit card, but managing it with my bank is kinda hassle for my side with my busy schedules for my work (and I hate standing in a long line). But Then I realized that I needed one already due to that I’m going to travel outside the country and I’m sure credit cards are helpful and good companion when I’m away from my country and from my bank, I can use it in case of emergency and use it if ever I want to purchase something on the other side of the world. My sister will help me get that HSBC credit card, its a some sort of extension and I’ll just let her fix it and wait for some papers for me to sign in, it will be a brand new world for me if ever I own a credit card and reserve a time for me to pay a visit to my bank just to pay the credit card bills.

Its a great habit for credit card users to pay their credit card bill on time, because if we skipped paying the credit card bills, the amount of the finance charges/interest will be added and it will continue to increase. This is the time when credit cards become a financial burden. I also learned that from other people, I got scared in using a credit card, but I’m glad that there are tips online and blogs to read about how to save money and organize ourselves and how to use credit cards properly.

From the online networks I have and blogs to surf, I stumbled this cool credit card finance charge simulator and generator online, check : .

I learned from this site about paying my bills on time, I think I’m ready to own a credit card now.
After trying the site, Its funny, that you can calculate how much money you spent and a computation on the finance charge being given by our local banks, its kinda weird that I want to know a finance charge given by the bank that holds our card, but the bank is not listed. You can try it for free and see what's behind those magical cards and the extra charges given after the swipe. But for others just dont care about these finance charges, but I do know that we have this automatically updated on our bills whenever we use our credit cards.

what are your thoughts about credit cards? any sci fi story that you can share (or a horror story LOL) about these magical cards?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

note to myself and things to do
I think I'm around 80 percent okay and recovered and I'm trying to eat less and avoiding too much meat already, and drink lots of water.. I want to work right away starting this week and I want to post this check list here to remind me what I should do 1st

1. fix 2 PR projects
2. ToyCon stuff
3. docu papers for travel
4. bill my clients
5. collect payments
6. prepare and buy more food for Ash's birthday tomorrow
7. clean the other house
8. clean the mini pool
9. catch up on a new bloggers event that we're organizing
10. update this blog

hmmm looks like I'll be super busy again and attending events will be rare for me.. to my blogger reporters..get ready!

Baby Ash 1st year birthday preparation for May 24

Few weeks ago was our preparation for Ashton's 1st year old birthday, we got busy the past weeks when Ash was confined in the hospital, all our attention was into Ash's recovery and also taking care of all those hospital stuff at The Medical City. I started to count my money on my pocket and its already gone, and now I'm on a big debt and still trying to pay it one by one. Ok enough of that money drama. Mom and Dad sent their birthday blow out to Ash and then I told my wife to use it to buy lechon for the celebration, we love lechon! that's why I requested for it hehehe. then my wife told me that after she ordered the lechon, she then use the remaining cash and ordered a birthday cake for Ash in Goldilocks.heard it was an animated movie UP cake design, I wonder how it looked.

Our celebration is not that big or bongga for now, but we will just have our private celebration first with the entire family...good to hear that my relatives will join with us.. Really excited for Ash's day.
Few nights ago, Tita Len Montesclaros bought a load of Blues Clues DVD in AstroKids as a gift for Baby Ash...aww tnx Tita Len

feels like im low in blood

i feel weak and getting tired so still recovering from that stomach flu and digestion problems few days ago and followed by a fever. But its okay because I needed more rest for the upcoming busy-ness as the ToyCon event near and my preparing for a series of trips on the start of June. I feel like that my blood is low, but I try to eat slowly now and digest food, its a wrong move this morning to cook that beef noodle soup and Lucky Me beef is so salty for me, I didn't finished and I felt dizzy after it..could be those preservatives and salty beef flavor. But my energy went back after eating again that nilagang meal in a little bowl with rice. My wife cooked spaghetti today and I ate 2 mini bowls of it, but I felt weak again after feeling some indigestion.. hahahaha. I went sick again around 8pm and drank lots of water to hydrate myself and rest on the bed with Ash... My energy got drained after playing, taking care, feeding, bathing and put to sleep my baby boy Ash.

Ohhh. Ash will be 1 year old this Tuesday...arghhh I should be 100 percent recovered by that day. Ok.time to rest and eat carefully.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gloc 9 and Tanya Markova in a mash up performance for Coca Cola Music Station

Group 2
Its an exciting team up between Gloc 9 and Tanya Markova band, and finally we can see two artist collaborate with each other using their own songs and mix it together to form another song, that’s the Coca Cola Music Station is all about, music and the new generation of style for the youth. Everything can be watch here online at

more below!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

i'm sick for the entire day

Yesterday was a terrible day for me, I got sick and was in bed for the entire day, so weak and can't even eat properly. I skipped two meals that day and it left so weak for the following day, but I tried eating a can of tuna paella at around 10pm just to give me some energy boost, but the weak body and dizzy head are present and I got the hard time of my life surviving it. I always say my son's name whenever I see him, it feels like I'm going to die.

The sickness of my Friday stated in that thursday morning were I felt bloated and looks like that I ate something that is not good to my health and tummy, so the morning sickness started as I began to be felt weak and dizzy, and I have difficulties in working on that day but I managed to pull myself up and drink some medicine to try to digest that food on my tummy and watch Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides premiere night in SM North IMAX, and then at the middle part of the movie I felt that I already have a fever and started to go weak and after I arrived home that late night, I drink another set of medicine and went back to bed.

And the next morning I woke up, I am so sick...and I can't even stand up and started to hug the toilet every minute, then I became weak, and I got scared of eating some food because I feel like I'm going to throw up. I let my horror days kills me for a day and prayed to God that I'll be okay on the next day, because I feel like its my judgement day. Because I'm scared of eating, all I did is drank some water and go back to bed. This morning when I woke up, I felt that I still have some energy, bowel movements are getting better so I decided to eat a sandwich and a hot coffee,but I feel weak and dizzy again. I went to my laptop and check my email just to make my self energetic, but after an hour, I felt weak again. I started to complain a pain in my back and neck, could be from that staying on bed for the entire day. And then this lunch time, I ate a "nilagang baboy", I ate a small portion of rice, 2 leaves of cabbage and a slick of meat. I felt a little bit okay, but still weak. I went up stairs and sat on the couch and watch TV, I feel the meat is hard to digust again, and after 3 hours, it gave me some energy to stand up, walk, talk and even take a bath.

It sucks that almost every year I always get sick and the last time I was terrible sick was when my wife gave birth to Ash, I'm so sick that day and staying in the hospital kills me whenever I chill and have a fever, but I fight it because I need to live for my baby boy Ash.

Looks like I'm 75 percent okay today, I missed a lot of important meetings, deadlines and project yesterday and.....dsdfsfsdf.ok im weak im going back to bed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

busy Az…busy Ash

I was surprised to discover that Ash and my wife were in SM MOA yesterday, I was about to go home around the afternoon and decided to take the shuttle nearby, then my wife called me and told me that they’re going to visit a store in SM MOA and meet up with Tita Len. It was half an hour after I booted myself out of Starbucks and went to the shuttle terminal, then I went back again in the mall all scorched out and tired, but the extra energy came in when I learned that my baby boy is in the mall too,… it means…play time! (More Story Below)

coverage: The First Fundraising Online Auction Of UNICEF

Blog coverage by: Zheyme

UNICEF Philippines is launching its first fundraising online auction entitled Auction for Action that goes live on 25 May 2011. The benifits are the children's programs in the Philippines and worldwide. This unique online auction in partnership with Ayala Malls, and Cibo that brings together to works the reputable artists in art, design, furniture,fashion, jewellery and photography along with exciting experiential packages. (More Story Below)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Listerine did this to me because I'm not into oral #totalcare

I was minding my own business after arriving in Oceana in SM MOA complex, after registering on the table, a pretty girl asked me to get my contact details, so I gave her my contact details, and I was nervous in talking because I'm not confident that my breath might smell bad due to that I'm tired and thirsty and my mouth is all dry after traveling outside the province to attend this event in Manila.

Then the girl told me to try this mouth wash..and then the photographer caught this funny and also annoying photo of me with a bloated cheeks, there I realized that the bacteria in my mouth that are busy having their own party got bombed by Listerine Total Care and that results to a big explosion inside my mouth, killing 99.9% of that bad oral bacteria.

I told the photographer not to show the photo to the public, but then I was the last guy who went out of the venue and found out that I'm the last person to claim my everyone saw my photo with a big cheeks...omigosh... but but but... (more story below)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't be fooled by that fake "Facebook Dislike button"

As I opened my Facebook account and then I saw this two message posted in my FB wall, I started to read it careful and study if this is legit, and then I hovered my mouse arrow pointing to that link "Enable Dislike Button", then I saw that the link will direct to a Facebook fake page. I didn't think twice and I immediately remove this post in my wall. I started to do a research and found an article "'Enable Dislike Button' scam spreading on Facebook" , After reading it... I learned that the Facebook Dislike Button is a fake and a scam. If ever that Facebook will have its own Dislike button, there will be announcements and also news spreading online, so its better to Google it first, research and read, before we click it.

Its funny that some people wanted to earn money and they got the idea to use this FB app to scam people with their money generating online survey recommendation. Although that the directed link to website is not harmless, but still an annoying item in my FB wall to see a fake FB links floating. If you saw one...delete it right away and do not click it. If you click the link and posted the link in your address bar, all of your FB network and friends will receive the same FB app note in their wall, telling them to enable their FB dislike buttons.

Facebook users should be very careful and aware of these fake FB apps and links

Ash and Medical City day 5 (last day)

Day 5 was our last day of stay in The Medical City and we just found the answer that afternoon and doctor's order that Ash can go home on the other day, but we decided to go back home on day 5 and here we are at home..back to normal..Ash is so energetic and us parents are back to work. (More story below)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow forever! (movie opens on May 20 2011)

Capt. Jack Sparrow will be forever live after bathing in a fountain of youth! heheh, astig di ba? see you guys on the premiere this week. I'm sure all of you are excited and finally...more Capt. Jack Sparrow scenes in this movie. Read up the movie pr below.

Running at night with headlights and Energizer in Dagupan this May 21

This is a cute running race event, everyone will wear their headlights and run at night, check out the details posted in this press release.

Energizer Night Race in Dagupan on May 21
After the success of Energizer Night Race in Cebu last July 10, 2010 & in Davao last April 16, 2011, Energizer and GMA-7 are bringing its 3rd Night race in Dagupan on May 21, 2011. This is part of the nationwide tour of the Energizer Night Race in the country. The event highlights the endurance of Filipino runners and health enthusiasts who, like the Energizer icon, just keeps on going and going.

Reel Steel movie trailer now up!

Check out this trailer, as the UFC for humans has been replaced by robots..astig!

From the director of “A Night at the Museum” comes DreamLinkWorks Pictures’ “Real Steel,” a gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech. DreamWorks has just released the film’s newest trailer which you can watch at this link:

In the film, Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next.

When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Opening across the Philippines in October 2011, “Real Steel” is a DreamWorks Picture to be distributed locally by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

Ash and Medical City day 4

The good part staying in a nice hospital is like staying in a hotel, the difference is that the food comes in a regular basis every day. Today is the day 4 for Ash being confined here in The Medical City, and I see a great improvement on his recovery and winning the battle against an e.coli infection, for the 1st time we saw that Ash never got any fever for the entire day. During out stay, me and my wife started to discover the restaurants located below the building and the eating and drinking never stops here. (More story below)

Philippines – the social networking capital of the world

Facebook logo, Twitter and RSS posted on the windows of Kitch Cafe in Makati City.

This is the new nickname that our country just received after a report came in online and our country got the number 1 spot as the most heavy user of Facebook in the world, there are other countries that are actively using Facebook, but this time the stats and numbers give the story and I know that the local mainstream media is a big influence on this number and give a big push to all of us here to use Facebook. Watch TV,check out the news, or see advertisement, all of them bear the Facebook logo. (More story below)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pacquiao, Bebeng and the other Top 10 Trending searches on Yahoo! Philippines

I posted this content in my blog and then the content was gone after a problem with, but I’m bringing it back again here. Here are the top 10 trending searches that happened last week. Thanks to our friends at Yahoo! Philippines for sending this info.

Star Wars-Disney Weekend all set this weekend

Here's an exciting event for your weekend, there will be another gathering of Jedis, Siths and droids over at Disney's Hollywood Studios and its for a grand celebration for another run of this year's Star wars theme at Walt Disney World Resort theme park. The fun of all Star Wars will be every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 20-June 21, 2011. Celebrities and Live actors from the Star Wars films will be there and also some voice talents of The Clone Wars will join with them. (More news below)

Ayala Malls Cinemas’ M-Pass Treats for “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’” Online Ticket Buys

sureseats pic2
Ayala Malls Cinemas’ M-Pass cardholders are in for a treat as they get to watch an exclusive screening of Disney’s “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides” on May 20, 2011 at Glorietta4 Cinemas. Being invited to special movie screenings is part of the wonderful perks of being an M-Pass cardholder!

Ash and Medical City day 3

Its our 3rd day of stay here in The Medical City and I just heard the news from our doctor that the main culprit that making Ash so sick is E.Coli. They already found the cause of the fever and now they gave Ash some antibiotics every 8 hours, they plug another i.v. with the antibiotics.
Ash is still energetic as usual, I thought we lost our hope in finding a cure after Ash hits the 40C high fever this morning, I just hope there will be no more fever today and said that Ash might go home on Monday. (more story below)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Load my blog into your Nokia phones! Download my blog's FREE Nokia OVI app

add my blog in your Nokia - download the Azrael's Merryland free Nokia app at

Receive my blog updates in an instant by downloading and installing this FREE Azrael's Merryland Blog Nokia OVI App.

go Merry with my blog updates and read it anywhere you go!
(check out the screen shots below)

Ash and Medical City day 2

Ashton starts to get bored already for our day 2 stay in The Medical City and thanks to our Acer laptop that gives a little entertainment for Ash in watching Brainy Baby dvds and playing online game at the Fisher Price's website. I received bad news when I arrived there this afternoon and the high fever still kicks in and Ash started to chill at night, We're glad that they are already in the hospital and doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day. Ashton loves to ride the Hummer motorized car inside the lobby, this was used by kids whenever they exit the room going to the gate of the hospital, the toy car ride sits on a metallic bar and like a wheel chair and push cart, the parent will control its movement and as for Ashton, it is his new toy that day, he rides and enjoy it..just to make his day not so boring. ( More below )

Ash and Medical City

originally Posted: 12 May 2011 10:26 AM PDT (before downtime)
Been busy since yesterday as we brought baby Ash in The Medical City to find out what’s the cause of this high fever in the afternoon and at night. We are so worried that there might be some kind of viral infection going on inside his body and we are not sure of it and we let the doctors find it out after doing some test. I declare that I’ll go absent in attending all activities this week, and that includes some events and PFW 2011. (more story below) you are back! i miss you!!

1st post..after a 2 day downtime of
it feels great to see you back online!

Ok what's the damage you left from us?
1. my two new post were deleted
2. 5 scheduled blog post were gone too
3. some of my new widgets updates and add ons were gone

But I'm glad that I have an email notification that was sent to me after publishing a blog entry. I can just go to my inbox and copy the email notification containing my blog post

Ok what should I do next ?

For those who want to do a back up for their blog
just visit your dashboard

click Settings>ExportBlog>Download blog

Check out also their update at

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alex Ross in Manila today ?? (true?)

A friend sent this info via DM this afternoon and I dont have any confirmation about Alex Ross's visit here in Manila. But reading this blog makes me wonder and teleport myself to Katipunan.

news was first posted here at

Few years ago, Alex Ross emailed me and he showed interest to buy that Captain America lifesize statue that was based on his design. Ok, Mr. Ross, if you read this.hope you can confirm  :)

Coca-Cola Music Studio launches its way on the web

Coke Studio (1)
This is a great news for music fans and also for those who love Coca-Cola, this date: May 11, 2011, is the official launch of the Coca-Cola Music Studio website ( ). Its a new website for music fans to dig in for the freshest sound and audio created by our talented local musicians. The aim of this website is that Coca-Cola wants to connect to all teens of this generation and use music to provide a channel of message and communication by Coca-Cola to our teens, for me that’s a cool way in bringing in more Happiness! so yey! to Coca-Cola.

8 OPM artist will give birth to a new collaboration of style and sound creating new music for us and these new music content are mash up by two artist performing their original songs with the other artist and these are only exclusive at the Coca-Cola Music Studio. Click your way to the web and check out the mini concert for episode 1 featuring: Gloc 9, Tanya Markova, Pedicab and Yeng Constantino, Sponge Cola and JayR(More story below)

Jomike Tejido's FOLDABOTS comic book launch

Save the date of May 21st at 2pm in SM Megamall for the 1st comic book launch of Foldabots by Jomike Tejido. These Foldabots are robot characters inspired from the Transformers, can transform to different forms like animals and vehicles.

Don't miss the 1st ever comic book launch and get a chance to meet the comic and toy design creator Jomike Tejido. I've been waiting for this release and I feel a kid again, excited and want to read the story of the mighty Foldabots.

congrats in advance Jomike!

Add Foldabots in Facebook

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Justin Bieber concert in Manila tweet updates

Justin Bieber concert in Manila will be tonight and its a sad thing for me that I have tickets and I can't go to watch it...same goes to the Mr. Big concert. . I gave the tickets to my sister and she will be there to watch and cover the concert for my blog. I posted here a visibletweet embed and you can monitor here all kinds of tweet updates about Justin Bieber concert from his fans.

check out below for other tweets about the concert of Justin Bieber in Manila

Monday, May 09, 2011

my PFW 2011 check list

I’m re-organizing my schedule because I’m going to attend some fashion shows of top brands and designers at the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week for their holiday collection and Its hard to get an invite for this year and I’m so busy in my work and other things and got no time to get in touch with my contacts who can help me score invites for this show. I love attending the show and got the passion of covering fashion shows for my blog. I always do a full photo coverage of their show and post it here in my blog. Fashion fans of clothing brands and designers love to see my photo coverage and also I always receive some emails from models who participated at the fashion show asking for a copy of their photos for their portfolio. (More story below)

Red Nimbus store opens to offer Toki Doki items, Kid Robot and Vinyl toys

A new pop culture store just opened last weekend in Robinsons Galeria, the new store – Red Nimbus sit on the corner of Jump Street Wing in the mall and they offer and sell authentic Toki Doki merchandise – tshirts, bags and baby clothes, Kid Robot merchandise, Vinyl toys and Harajuku inspired items. Sandy of Comic Odyssey told me about this after visiting him last Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day and he shared that his brother Gerry owns the big store. (More Story Below)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

35,000 pcs of comics given by Comic Odyssey for Free Comic Book Day Philippines

Going to Free Comic Book Day every year is a fun event for comics fans because its like a loyalty award given by comic shop owners to their customers but at the Free Comic Book Day you can get a free comics even if you are not a customer. This is a global event created by American comic book stores and distributors in 2002 and the purpose of Free Comic Book Day is not only a reward program but also a way of getting new comic book fans and readers, bring back the old fans to comics, introduction of new comic creators, engage everyone to different comic book fans and readers, and a way of reminding us to READ.

Comic Odyssey is our premiere organizer here in the Philippines and they are doing this for since way back 2005 and I went there in Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galeria to take a short visit and do a coverage for this year’s 2011 Free Comic Book Day Philippines.

more photos below

Survey: Tokio Hotel concert in Manila

A local concert producer contacted me yesterday and asking for some help to do this survey and ask everyone if they are a fan and want to have a Tokio Hotel concert in Manila this year.

If you are curious about this band then read more info about them at
and at

If you want Tokio Hotel to have a concert here in Manila, then post a reply and comment here
so that I can submit a report of this survey to them today.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

coverage: Poreotics Mall Hop

My Poreotics Mall Hop Coverage
by: Daomisyel

I am not prepared! That's my first impression my brother Azrael told me to cover the Poreotics Presscon a while ago at The Event center in Megamall. Good thing that I brought my Samsung Corby II and took snapshots (kinda blurred but its ok) of the group. I arrived when the interview was started and the group were very proud of the warm support that the Filipinos were giving. Right after the presscon the group returned for the main show at 5pm.
(More story below)

Friday, May 06, 2011

WWF Philippines releases own version of Discovery Channel’s “Boom de Yada” song

Remember the "Boom de Yada" song in Discovery Channel

"I love the mountains... I love the clear blue skies.."
And check out wwF Philippines' version of Boom De Yada "The World is just Awesome station ID" now featuring a version for the Philippines, showing some cool views, awesome landscape and our warm oceans. The video is lead by our National Ambassadors Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, joining also are the team of WWF and Hamilo coast.

after watching this… I want to sing too and say “ I want to travel the whole world and the Philippines!” Boom de yada..boom de yada…boom de yada…

Limited Edition Manny Pacquiao Inspired Nike Trainer 1.3 Max

I just missed the grand launch and the release of the 50 pairs of the Nike Trainer 1.3 Max last APril 25th, I'm not sure if our Nike stores still carries this line with a tag price of P7,995. Also they releases the Manny Pacquiao inspired apparel collection and the Nike zoom Huarache Low and also a replica of Manny's boxing boots (saw it in Nike Ph's website) (more pics below)

Manny Pacquiao's Training Video by Nike Philippines

image provided an exclusive training video of Manny Pacquiao that is now posted in this portal site - .  Manny Pacquiao is in his perfect condition and he now prepares for his boxing match fight with Shane Mosely this coming Saturday (US time). Its an awesome video featuring an interview with Manny, Coach Freddie and a member of Team Pacquiao.

There’s also a contest mechanics posted in the site, all you have to do is submit an answer “whats the force behind the power of Manny” and after submitting your entry, wait til May 8th and see who will win an autographed boxing gloves by Manny Pacquiao. Check out also the download section for wall paper downloads and the new release of Nike’s new edition of Manny Pacquiao brand of shoes.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 will start in the Philippines on May 7th

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If you are a comic fan, you shouldn’t miss this annual event. There are some announcement of events and a list of comic book shops in Manila that will celebrate the Free Comic Book Day, but I like to invite everyone one to check out the main event at Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galeria, there are also an event in Druid’s Keep and in Planet X and for Filbars in Glorietta..Im not sure about it, but try Comic Odyssey because that’s one we always go every year, all comics are free! just line up and wait for your turn.. You can select a number of comics and then take it home with you for FREE!, I’m not sure if how many comics you can get for FREE, because last time we have a limit of copies that we should follow so that everyone can get the free comics. (more news below)

Pinoy comic artist Tony De Zuniga @ Vinyl on Vinyl this May 6th

Gaby Dela Merced invited us here to their event and I like to share this event to my fellow comic book and art fans. Check out this event and meet the comic book superstar and our very own pinoy comic artist and creator of Jonah Hex - Mr. Tony De Zuniga!

Comics, prints, art works will be sold plus an autograph signing session will happen tonight in Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery at the Collective in Malugay St. in Makati City. Be there tonight at 6PM.

You are invited to the Poreotics press con today in SM Megamall

Poreotics E-INVITE
According to my friend Jad, she said that our blogger friends are very welcome to come and attend and also meet and greet the crew of Poreotics. Too bad that I can't join with you guys, but I like to invite everyone come and check out this cool group, I heard they will also perform a front act at the Justin Bieber concert, and oh they’ll giveaway tickets daw, I’m not sure on what kind of ticket is that…. Justin Bieber concert???? (more news below)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It’s like giving a keynote in 4 hours

Last night was my 1st day of teaching gig at The Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts (MAICA) in Global City, and its like an another day of learning and sharing your expertise to people and use that new knowledge for their career and business.  (more story below)
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