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Friday, September 29, 2017

“Kayo Rin Po”: Uber posted a touching video about the lives of Uber drivers


Uber drivers, we need them, they need us, in order for a collaborative community works, we need to support each other. I've listened to many stories of our Uber drivers and they are very inspiring. Real people who work so hard to support their family, fulfill their dreams and save money for the future.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

TVN ASIA - ONE NIGHT FOOD TRIP Series with Dara Park, Thunder, Grace Lee and Sam YG


I'm so happy to see Sandara Park in person and the last time I saw was around 10 years ago! She's back here in the Philippines to finish a tv production for TVN Asia's brand new original producton -- One Night Food Trip "International Edition"

DISCOVERY SHORES BORACAY: Top Best Resort Hotels in Southeast Asia


Last 2013 I attended a dinner by the beach and it was located infront of Discovery Shores Boracay, our dinner was hosted by a telco brand and the food is from the hotel resort. I went there riding a trike from our hotel and as I walked inside Discovery Shores Boracay, my eyes sparkled as I saw beauty and luxury inside the resort. The color blue light and glow of gold lights add more awesomeness during that night. My only wish that night was... Oh man! Im going back to Boracay and will stay here.

And then boom..Me and my family stayed there last 2015 and the experience at a luxury resort in Boracay is one of the best ever, an experience that I haven't felt in other resort.

Im blogging a news here about Discovery Shores Boracay ranking as the 7th in the Top Best Resort Hotels in Southeast Asia, ranked by 2017 Travel + Leisure ‘World’s Best Awards.

Congrats to Discovery Shores Boracay!!!

Read the news below

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SEDA HOTEL NUVALI - family staycation on a long weekend


After I arrived home from a 4 day trip in Cebu. My wife Lace told me that we should have a family staycation for the upcoming long weekend. Then she told me that there's this booking site that sell a much more affordable hotel rate. So we checked that booking site and I gave a go signal that we should book again at Seda Hotel Nuvali for a Saturday-Sunday staycation.

The secret to drinking fine whisky

Ask a group of whisky lovers on the proper way to drink whisky and you’ll probably get a dozen dos and don’ts on how you can best enjoy your drink. Some whisky connoisseurs would harp on the Jim Murray method of drinking the alcoholic beverage unadulterated while paying no attention to the first mouthful and instead chewing their way to the drink’s flavors while savoring the second mouthful. While other whisky lovers would insist on the importance of nosing and diluting their drink with water. The truth of the matter is, there is no right or wrong way to taste whisky. What’s important is that you are able to fully enjoy each drop of this liquid sunshine.

Golden Fiesta Canola Oil: a rich source of cholesterol-reducing ‘phytosterol’

Filipinos love fried foods. They love the crispy-crunchy sound these make with every bite, but they like the delightful taste of fried food—whether it’s chicken, beef, pork or fish—even better. How can else can you explain why Filipino families are big fans of fastfood chains that serve fried chicken, fried tapa, fried pork liempo, etc.?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

ITS A GIRL THING - a Youtube festival for girls, featuring local and international Youtube stars!

If you are Youtuber, a vlogger, or a fan, a viewer of Youtube stars, then you should not miss this blog post because there's an upcoming event called ITS A GIRL THING, its a festival of online celebrities that started in Singapore and now they are coming here in Manila for a 2nd leg of their festival tour to bring the local and international online stars.

SEDA HOTEL VERTIS NORTH - hotel and room tour / biggest hotel in Quezon City


I think Seda Hotel in Vertis North is the biggest and luxurious hotel in Quezon City, they've opened early this year and I've noticed them on social media after people talked about the offerings of Seda Hotel Vertis North. I wasn't aware that this hotel is owned by the Ayala, but I figured out after when I learned that their hotel branches are always located near an Ayala mall just like in Seda Hotel in BGC, Nuvali and also here infront of Trinoma Mall and a new lifestyle mall- Vertis North

Travel, dengue and car insurance can be bought now at SM STORE over the counter

10th Bangkathon 2013 in Calatagan, Batangas

I got the interest in getting my insurance when I started my own family. I didn't know at first that they are important , you know that I'm part of the YOLO generation, and I dont care about these insurance before, all I know that insurance agent will bug you to buy an insurance policy that are so expensive and you don't even know what kind of insurance is fit for you.

Globe myBusiness Academy partners with Manila Workshop to offer free training for aspiring entrepreneurs


Globe myBusiness, a business solution provider that empowers micro, small and medium enterprises teams up with Manila Workshop to offer free training to their clients who are on board for the services and post paid plans of Globe myBusiness.

Monday, September 25, 2017

LEGO-fied Intramuros iconic landmarks coming soon in Fort Santiago


The famous landmarks in Intramuros, Manila will rise as a LEGO version in a soon to open public exhibit this November 2017 inside Baluarte de Santa Barbara Chamber in Fort Santiago, Intramuros. The LEGO version of old churches, structures, buildings and even ruins of churches will be created by 200+ students from 12 school and university from all over the Philippines.



Dinosaurs are back to life through life size scale animatronics figures and replica based on real bones that are found by scientist around the world. The giant Dinosaurs are here to stay til March 2018 and yo can visit them at The Mind Museum in BGC for a close up encounter and see how large they are in real life.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

RACKS invites you to try their new Smoked Chipotle Ribs #RACKSChipotleRibs

“Meat” Your Spicy Barbecued-Dream-Come-True: Racks Launches Smoked Chipotle Ribs

Rich, dark-glazed, smoky ribs—they are the kind of dish that you don’t mind getting messy for. And when one thinks of ribs here in Manila, there is just one place that comes to mind: Racks. And they aren’t called the #BestRibsinTown for no reason. With their reliable heavy slabs that are sure to satisfy, Racks is known for their classic formula—the same one they’ve been using since 1992. And while they have a much-loved hit on their hands, they sure don’t mind flipping the script and trying something new.

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