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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Laptop is back!

finally, after 6months of retiring my old Dell Laptop inside the Victoria Secret bag, now it performs very well and it feeds on Globe Broadbands connected via a USB LAN to a prolink modem, whew! I tried to revive this Pentium II CPiA laptop back into action and it first help me last wednesday for our ToyCon meeting for the video presentation and also image show of the teaser poster, im still planning to enhance this laptop more like putting in WiFi card and external DVD recorder ehheheh. but that will have to wait coz you know some gadgets are little pricey.

but there are new cool finds like the LG DVD writer with lighscribe, just saw that in PC Magazine and it cost only for about P2k, and then I will put that in an external case enclosure, and thats P800 in Cyberzone megamall.
instead of acquiring the P7k DVD external, I'll just use the two above for less expense.

Im going out for an important meeting while I upload some stuff for the GHG website, which still undergoes major restoration process after the system crash, and now the site is going back to surfing normal for about hhmm..20 percent only. Its hard to get the old files back, but im glad that there are some part
are being handled by the GHG team. whew!

ToyCon is coming near and my brains for getting new concepts are burning like french fries hahahah
hmmm maybe il eat one later.

we will watch 300 hohohoho..Tonight we dine in Hell !! oh yeah!!

New photos of Venom
and also Sandman for the Spider-man 3 movie

thanks to the internet ahahhhhaa for this new update, i was about to go to bed when i saw this at they say that these photos will be taken out soon by Sony in other websites. These photos will appear in the Art of Spider-man 3 book.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

and also Mr. Sandman

Image Hosted by

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fantakada: The 7th book of Beerkada

// after 2 days of no internet..thanks to the good guy of the tech dept of Globe for helping me go back online

here are new updates for this week......

posted by Lei Muncal from the Artist Den ML

Good news!
For all those waiting for the seventh Beerkada Comics compilation of Lyndon Gregorio, you don't have to wait any longer!
Cover art by Melvin Calingo
Beerkada Book 7 titled Fantakada will be launched this March 24, 2007 at the Fandom Cafe, 1st Flr. Regalia Tower Park, (near EDSA cor. Tuazon St). Drop by anytime from 10 am till late in the evening! Prizes will be given to the attendees, and free anime/movie marathon from 4pm onwards. (map to Cubao area)
Fantakada costs Php 110.00, colored flip cover by Taga-Ilog and Lyndon Gregorio with B&W interiors. This book is the first official appearance of yours truly, ahem, I mean Andrea, aka Chompy, Glen's love interest. Read how they meet for the first time and laugh at how their relationship develops. Learn what the Beerkada gang has been up to after college.
Fantakada will be available at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Comic Quest by last week of March or first week of April.
If you think March 24 is too far away, why not drop by AS Walk UP Diliman tomorrow and on Friday (March 8&9) for a pre-book launch sale. Sponsored by the UP DOST SA.
Beerkada comic strips created by Lyndon Gregorio first appeared at the Philippine Star, one of the Philippine broadsheets.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The years of CampV5

its a Voltes V fan group in Manila and I think it was the first ever fan group that was publicly known as Camp V5. I have restored digitally some analog videos at home and here it is a feature in Extra Extra, you will see me there so thin, fresh from a one week recovery from my kidney treatment.

The year when the animation Voltes V was revive by GMA-7 and shown the first ever english dubbed of the last 4 episodes in the big screen. This was way back before HERO TV revive it and re-dubbed it in Filipino.

the year is 1999.

the CampV5 ML is still active and the original members are still active online.
you can check out the group website at

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lets talk about movies

At night, in the presence of evil, stunt rider Johnny Blaze becomes the Ghost Rider in Columbia Pictures' Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

I've been waiting for this movie and its another big start for 2007 for Marvel and its movie company. Ghost Rider landed on the big screen and I know that the buzz is humongous but people seems not to care or aware of this Marvel character, the hit was like in Daredevil and not to compare it with Spider-man or Fantastic Four movies or Blade. The movie is still fresh and Im looking more forward for more Marvel movies, hope the others will be much more good thatn their previous. Many nay-sayers in the internet and movie reviews says that this movie sucks...I was kinda prepared for that before I watch it and expect it a no-good review. But its weird when I watched it, its a some kind of date movie ahhahaha, yeah! thats right! bring your girl and watch it here. Its not that scary or a horror flick, seeing demons and death as one of the characters. you'll just enjoy it when your girl got scared or flipped out in some scenes. geezz I almost fell in my chair in one of those crazy scenes.

I know its bad, they say the script is bad, acting is bad, effects is bad.
hhmmmmm its weird that my 10 year old spirit possessed me and then enjoyed watching the movie. just praying for a sequel ehehehhe . Spirit of Vengeance as they say..or maybe Midnight Sons. hmmm.

Spider-man 3

This is a new art for the movie, A new trailer will be seen and launched this monday in NBC between the episode 18 of HEROES. oh wow, Il just wait for a download clip of that in the internet and March will be a season for Spider-man 3, as you know that everytime a new trailer or teaser comes out, fans are getting wild and hyper. For now many fans are waiting for a Sandman, Goblin poster and also VENOM....

also the new trailer will be seen before the 300 movie screening.

Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

good news !! Galactus will be in this movie! thanks to the director of the film for posting the news in his blog, Tim Story did a good update on that one, and he said that they are now fixing the graphic details for Galactus and also a WETA treatment for Silver Surfer.
Dr. Doom will be here too, my guess is that Doom will fool and convince Galactus to destroy the Fantastic Four hahhaha.. oh well. just like in the comics or animation. Doom can do anything just to get what he wants.


I don't have a premiere ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

showing in theaters this March 7 and Im sooooo excited to watch it. too bad that theres no ticket for a premiere for me, i just hope that I just let that Music and Lyrics premiere go and instead wish for a 300 premiere this monday, i think.

thats the new issue of Fudge Magazine for this month and check out that 300 movie poster insert.

if you have 2 extra tickets. just email me or message me here hahahahahh


for this movie, there will be no premiere or advance screening...sigh..
I will be having a meeting this monday with the officials for a planning mode for an event in Manila that requires Energon and an alternate mode vehicle.

If I'm a transformer, I will be a mirror in a mall fitting room hahahahahah!!!!
im just having a Mission XXX hang over after they told me about those peeping toms in malls.
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