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Friday, March 30, 2007

Pulot missing again! or Catnapped again!!

My cat is missing!!! and its impossible for him to go out of the house coz he's only a 5 month kitten! huhhuhu. Pulot is missing since last night, when we arrived home last night, I felt that Pulot doesnt appear infront of us when we enter the gate. and then I was informed by the people here that Pulot is nowhere. and his companion, female cat, named Pute, is here crying and looking for Pulot. damn!!!! I guess Pulot is a victim of Catnappers.

last January, Pulot has been catnapped by kids who are walking infront of the house.

I don't know what to do, I just hope that Pulot is here when I arrived home.

badtrip! me, Ariel and Mark are talking about this catshow on April 1. and thinking of joining there. awwwww

Pulot !!!!! asan ka na!!! umuwi ka na!!

The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 7

Their Movie, Our Convention!
thats are tag line! eeehee

Just created this yesterday and was presented to our meeting.

not yet the official..

this is only a study sample for the poster.

there are lots of errors in some images.
but as i say...this is only a study

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rudy Florese's "ORAS MO NA !" comics is now uploaded

read the republished of Oras mo na!online at

I'm a big fan of comics not only the comics we know that Superman and Spider-man appear on it, but also a comics that have our own blood. Yes! Im talking about our local comics or komiks with a "K"

Gerry Alaguilan of has started a project from bringing a virtual museum of our local artist and their creations, then making his own living room into a age of wonder of Philippine Komiks art and now! he just restored an old classic to a new medium tool for this generation. And I'm glad that this is new in the komiks scene. And i had a chance to relive the old days of my youngling years reading comics in a nearby barber shop in Sampalok, ,Quezon Province.

12:30am when I surf the net and check out if the pages are already up there, then i waited refreshing the site and while I wait, I went to the Philippine Komiks Message Board just to check out some updates. Im not yet sleepy and Im excited to read this comics titled "Oras mo na!" by Rudy Florese.

then 1:20am I saw Gerry's blog and I saw its new update. Its already there!!!
just log on to to read the series.

Deon Arsenal is one kick ass character! the intro is great and and every minute i spent reading it panel by panel is great! and also I read the Filipino texts slowly, in order to understand more of it. I may be poor sometimes in reading Filipino text , sometimes I miss read, so I read it slowly and understand it. wow! my Tagalog reading habit is here again hahahaa.. oh well, in every komiks cant avoid being "bitin!" and say " grabe., i'll wait again for next week for the next chapter."

The re-coloring is great, and you'll never notice that it came from a scan comics. perfectly digitized.
we must call it THE SPECIAL EDITION er minus the THX hahaha. scrolling the pages down in reading is very
comfortable than reading it using a cursor browsing to the right. I'm glad that it is in jpeg and not in PDF, coz sometimes people get confused about the PDF file. the text are completely neat, too! Im using a 800x600 screen resolution in my laptop and it stays perfect !!! the images and text!! perfect !!!!

wow! i'm excited again for the coming episode pages. of Oras mo na!

as the last text says "This novel is action and drama packed"

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Peace through tyranny" - MEGATRON

here's ya go guys! courtesy of AICN

you can click on the image to download the large version of the one sheet.
after I saw this, I got a glimpse of that Optimus Prime looks like a Knight,
but then when I saw this article - TransFormers : Good Knight vs. bad
they say that it is really a knight!

for more visit :

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

1st Philippine Blog Awards 2007

Vote me !! for the Blogger's Choice Award !! Azrael's Merryland

Hi everyone!

sorry If I use this blog/ML to campaign my nomination at the 1st Philippine Blog Awards 2007, I just dont know why they chose me as one of the finalist for the blogger's choice awards ehehehehe.

my blog, Azrael's Merryland ( ) is nominated and they need votes in order to win
hahahahaha.. so if you know me and your my blog reader, just go to this link
and choose my blog Azrael's Merryland. And if youre not yet my blog reader just check my blog and see for yourself If I deserve to win.

thanks again for voting and for the support !


Azrael Coladilla

"If I won, I will organize the biggest party and convention for everyone! hahhhahahahah"


Im super surprised that I made it on the finals fo the Bloggers Choice award. super surprise ehehehe, also my sister's blog made it too,

Im really happy that theres someone who organized this kind of event, Im an event organizer, and I just saw this vision years ago and Im glad that they made it and now its here! Its a big gathering also to bloggers and a big tribute to the owners of these blogs. At first I didn't pay attention to the blog awards, but when I saw everyone is joining, I realized that nothing will be hurt if ever I joined. di ba?

so I started the entry form and click it away, wow that was fast, no more need to show your ID, SSS ID, or any medical ek ek to join, all you have to do is that you have a blog. funny thing is that I nominated my GF's blog, then she nominated me. and nominated 2 other friends who has a blog.

then months have passed, im a little bit shy to post about my nomination so I just kept quiet and later on I saw lots of visitors and found out that the Philippine blog awards 2007 linked me up, by posting the blog name with the url link., wow! thats a good way of online marketing for my blog.

and now here it is... even that I didnt made it to the finals, I 've been chosen as a finalist for the bloggers choice awards! oh yeah!!

Its a little bit funny, coz when my sister told me that we both made it to the finals for choice awards, I went back to my PC, didnt finish my ice cream and removed all the website jobs in my desk. and see if it is true...and whoollah!!!!!

just click it and vote me guys heheheheh. thanks and I just hope that I get an e-ticket for the awards night! oh yeah!!

bloggers unite!!! rock and roll out !

many thanks to the blog awards organizers
you may email me at
if ever I get a ticket invite hehehehe


Get your Event Tickets here! Posted by Abe on 26 March 2007 under News

The awards nights is closing in really fast and we’re all busy preparing for it. Here’s your chance to get invites for the awards night:

1) Blog about the awards night on your blog. Include your email in your post.

2) Link to this entry.

3) Leave a comment here so we’ll check out your blog and send you an e-Ticket via email.

4) Reply to that email with your complete name and blog URL.

The e-Ticket will serve as your pass to the Awards night. It’s limited seating so we cannot guarantee everyone to get a pass but its first come first serve.

There’ll be around a hundred tickets or so. Once you get your e-Ticket in your email, print it and bring it on the awards night so we can exchange that with the real one. That will also serve as your raffle ticket to the mobile phones and iPod that we will raffle off during the event.

Philippine Blog Awards
Awarding Night
March 31, 2007
6PM - 8PM
Podium 4, RCBC Theater
RCBC Building, Ayala cor. Buendia Ave., Makati City
Attire: Semi-formal to formal

Rudy Florese's ORAS MO NA! To be Serialized Online

In the continuing effort to preserve and promote the works of Filipino
komiks creators, will begin the online serialization of
ORAS MO NA! written and illustrated by Rudy Florese, originally
serialized and published in Pioneer Komiks in 1984-1985.

The online serialization will follow the pattern of the original, with
4 pages uploaded weekly on Thursdays, and will continue until the story
finishes 33 weeks later.

ORAS MO NA! Begins on Thursday, March 29, 2007 at

Compared to many Filipino komiks serials of the 70’s and 80’s which had
hundreds of parts (each part is 4 pages), Oras Mo Na is relatively
short at 33 parts. Rudy preferred writing stories that were short, to
the point, and have definite endings. Ironically, Rudy himself was the
artist on probably the longest Filipino komiks serial in history, “…at
sumanib ang Langis Sa Tubig!“, written by Marty Gee Aragon, which, at
last publication, was running more than 1000 parts. The serial was so
long that it was never finished because of the closure of the komiks
publishing division of G. Miranda and Sons. The writer reportedly still
has a large stack of scripts yet to be illustrated at the time.

Rudy has also worked in American comics for several years, illustrating
the adventures of Tarzan and Korak, Son Of Tarzan, as well as several
stories for DC's Mystery/Horror comics line.

Rudy Florese passed away on April 4, 2003.


// Im not familiar to Mr.Rudy Florese's work, and Im not that so familiar with the whole Filipino Komiks series except that I read some of it during my youngling years, Its good that Gerry did a great contribution in restoring the old classic to be shared in public via internet. Im just not sure if it is in Filipino language or bi-lingual. hmmm.. lets start the countdown and wait til Thursday.

post this also to your blog, to spread the good news that the Filipino Komiks series will live again

thanks to Mr. Alanguilan for the effort of making this possible

Banshee in cavite.

damn...are banshee real?
im not so sure about it, but i just googled it out and saw an article in wikipedia that banshee are part of this irish theme. i know theres a guy who scared us years ago about banshees, ya know when people with 3rd sense group around and we create this so called giant radar which we pick up signals from the netherworld. hmmm

well, me the other night, just experienced this weird encounter..or i shall say that i heard this some kind of female screaming some kind of a shriek. that i think cames from above and floats around the village.
were i got disturbed when all the house dogs in the village went crazy and wild due to the noise.
and im double sure that it is not an airplane. coz i know how plane sounds like. not sure about that., but i;l just listen to it and never look at it.
but believe me, i know what i heard and im blogging it right now.

hmmm..another case for my Azrael's other world

In Ireland, the Banshee, who is supposed to be a fairy woman (bean, woman; sidhe, fairy) is said to wail and cry when members of certain families are about to die. It has never been established, however, why this ghostly creature follows some families.
Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
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