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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

radio recording: Azrael Coladilla guest In Happy Thoughts With Francine Dela Alas In DZRJ 810am radio


Happy New year to you my dear blog reader!
Above is my recording of my radio guesting at Francine's radio show "Happy Thoughts" in DZRJ, I used my iPhone4s to record the live audio inside the DJ booth. The topic is all about my life as a blogger and how you can set your goals for 2014. This is the last episode of Happy Thoughts for 2013 and I'm honored to be part of the last episode and to cap off the year ender for Francine's radio show.

Thanks everyone for listening to my radio guesting at dzrj happy thoughts with francine delas alas. I will upload later the record audio in my soundcloud. Happy new year sa inyo!!
— with Chinne De Las Alas.

thanks for this intro Francine!! ---   "10 years ago, Azrael Coladilla would not have dreamed of being invited by no less than Google to be one of its speaker! How did Azrael blog his way to fun, fulfillment and success! Join us at 2pm tomorrow at DZRJ810AM, with livestream at! "

Happy Thoughts with Francine Delas Alas

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Instagram from @popazrael - Tonight at 7pm in Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Tonight at 7pm in Sky Ranch Tagaytay --- info via "Experience the fun, excitement, and cool breeze at Tagaytay Sky Ranch's Countdown to 2014. See the night sky of Tagaytay in a starburst of magnificent fireworks at 7pm on December 30, 2013 plus...a special entertainment by X Factor and The Voice Finalists at The Venue, Sky Ranch Tagaytay. Please call (632) 857-0100 Loc 1653 for more info."

from Instagram


New Instagram from @popazrael - Thanks everyone for listening to my radio guesting at dzrj happy thoughts with francine delas alas

Thanks everyone for listening to my radio guesting at dzrj happy thoughts with francine delas alas. I will upload later the record audio in my soundcloud. Happy new year sa inyo!!

from Instagram


4th time and 1st time in Picnic Grove - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 7

Its my 4th time here in Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City, my last visit here was with Lace during our weekend getaway when we were bf-gf, and before that was with my Coladilla family during the 90’s, I was carrying that big betacam video camera and documenting our picnic here and my last video was flying a kite that flew too high and I ran out of thread, I’m a grade B when it comes to kite flying.

Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. at Museo Orlina - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 6

December 22, 2013 – When I heard that Ron Villagonzalo of is also here in Tagaytay City, we chat and sms each other for a plan to meet somewhere in one of the sites here in Tagaytay, then Ron told me that there’s Green Bean Coffee here in Tagaytay and he said that their next destination is to go there to check it out before trying the horse back riding in Residence Inn. For our part, our plan is to go to Picnic Grove and when I learned that Green Bean Coffee is on the way to Picnic Grove, we decided to go there first before going to Picnic Grove.

Lunch buffet at Celina’s Café and Restaurant - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 5


December 22, 2013 – This is the start of our day 2 tripcation here in Tagaytay City. Me and Lace did some research about some restaurants here in Tagaytay,and we spotted Celina’s Café and Restaurant offering a lunch buffet for a price of Php325 per person. We read some reviews from different blogs about Celina’s and according to them the food is okay and the price is affordable, after the blogs, we decided to go there because my wife is craving for some good bulalo and papaitan food.

Mama and Liza arrived here in Tagaytay to join with our trip and they asked us where we will eat our lunch, then we suggested that we should try Celina’s.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Azrael's Merryland radio guesting tomorrow Dec 30 at 2pm in DZRJ 810AM

Listen to DZRJ tomorrow Dec 30 at 2pm in Happy Thoughts with Francine. 

it will be my first time to be in the hot seat on the radio :)

You want to be a BLOGGER SUCCESS story? Tomorrow, Join Happy Thoughts with Francine De Las Alas as we listen to the inspiring story of AZRAEL COLLADILLA of Azrael's Merryland Blog! 2pm at DZRJ810AM or livestreamed Happy Sunday Y'All!

day 2 - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 4

December 22, 2013 – ohhh hello Taal volcano! we meet again! I’ll surf you soon and take a dip to your magical lake next year, yeah its one of m mission to try go to that lake with a lake and island and also volcano. I woke up at 7am and here I saw a nice view of Taal volcano. My son woke me up and he wants to check out the view.

Snacks and early dinner at Bag of Beans - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 3

December 21 2013 – We ate our quick snack and also this our early dinner here in Bag of Beans in Tagaytay City, we went here after our outdoor adventure in Paradizoo theme farm in Mendez, Cavite. We rode the tricycle and a jeepney just to travel to Bag of Beans, we rode the trike from Paradizoo and then rode the Olivarez terminal jeepney, and told the driver to drop us off in Mendez crossing, at the crossing area – that’s an intersection of Tagaytay-Mendez and Nasugbu, we rode another jeepney going to Nasugbu and told the jeepney barker to drop us off in Bag of Beans, I’m glad that the jeepney drivers and barkers really know what Bag of Beans café, it’s one of the most popular café here in Tagaytay, they sell nice restaurant food and an expensive Civet coffee.

A visit in Paradizoo Theme Farm - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 2

A visit in Paradizoo this December 2013 - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 2
December 21, 2013 – For our 1st tripcation mania, we visited the Paradizoo Theme Farm first here in Mendez, Cavite. I heard of this farm before and many people that I know already went here with their family and kids, for the info that I gathered, I learned that this farm is also a mini zoo and garden. Kids can interact with the farm animals up close and personal, they can play with them, ride on them and also feed them. There’s a tour guide in every farm cluster at Paradizoo, they know everything about the animal and also they teach parents and kids on how to feed them and how we benefit from them.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The start of our holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 1

December 21, 2013 is the start of our holiday vacation and trip, me and my family decided to stay in Tagaytay City for 4 days and we plan to go back home on December 24th because we want to celebrate Christmas eve with the rest of the family, and also to give time for myself to buy their Christmas present in a nearby mall hahahaa.

I’m not totally prepared for the trip and vacation, because I have some left over backlogs and I need to finish it before December 23rd, but then as soon as the clock ticks to 7am, I scrambled out of my chair and started to pack my stuff in one back pack. And I forgot that it was a 4 day stay in Tagaytay and not an overnight, so I removed my stuff out of my bag and grabbed another bag just to load up my gadgets and electronic things in another bag.

[ I used the word TRIPCATION for this blog series , tripcation means = trip + vacation, going out of a trip for you vacation and being far away from home]

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dolphy Clean up app for iPad and Android devices (free)

I saw a blog post form Alwin's blog  about this new game app for kids -- Dolphy Clean up game app, its a free downloadable game for kids made for the iOS iPad and Android tablets. I searched online for the details about this app and I found that it is built for iPad tablet, because its not searchable via iPhone at the iTunes app store, but I will check later if this will run in any Android devices.

My last minute Christmas shopping adventure

My wife told me to create a video blog about my last minute Christmas shopping, she knows already that I’ll be cramming again to buy some Christmas present in SM Bacoor last December 24, 2013. Because this cram mania happens every year for the last 8 years. I want everyone at home to have their own gifts from me and from my wife Lace. But for this year, its funny that everyone got electronic stuff and gadget as their presents. This 2013 is much different and I’m glad that gadgets and electronics are much easier to acquire in a crowded mall and 6 hours before Christmas eve.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Instagram from @popazrael - I went to Malaysia because of beef rendand and I didnt know that theres beef rendang here at the foos court of @solaireresort haha. I just want to skip the lunch buffet at fresh and just eat our lunch here in Pan Asian food court stall

I went to Malaysia because of beef rendand and I didnt know that theres beef rendang here at the foos court of @solaireresort haha. I just want to skip the lunch buffet at fresh and just eat our lunch here in Pan Asian food court stall

from Instagram


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What kind of movies fit for your personality ? | Metro Manila Film Festival 2013

Every year I always think – What MMFF movies should I watch this year, I haven’t tried watching the whole movie line up and write each movie titles a review, but in the past, there are times that I walked out of the cinema because the movie sucks, and there are some movies shows a bad set up and unfinished paint jobs of their set. But I give our MMFF a chance and it seems that our film makers learned already the wrong mistakes of other film makers and producers from the past. The MMFF is getting better and we should thank them for bringing in more entertainment and concepts (and also re-mastered and repetitions of style and concept haha).

But I noticed that the movies that they show and release for this year are like based for the personality of a movie goer or movie fan. If ever I’ll watch a movie this year, it will go for the comedy, action, adventure and historical genre.

feel free to add your own movie goer personality on each movie below.

Here are the list of MMFF movies and the personality of a movie goer.

1. My Little Bossing


movie info and trailer:

movie goer personality: family person, loves slapstick comedy, a fan of Kris Aquino and Bimby, and a fan of Bossing Vic Sotto and Ryza Mae,

Christmas tree around the city

This was for my blog project but I didn’t got the time and also keyboard power to materialize it, my plan is to go around the city and take photos of different Christmas tree that stand with lots of uniqueness and a story behind it. I think this blog project will be continued for 2014, so I’ll just post some photos of Christmas tree that I saw and visited during my trip around different city here in the Philippines.

It all stated when I took photo of that 50 foot Christmas tree inside the atrium of SM Mall of Asia.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We're back home after a 4 day adventure in Tagaytay ~~ Merry Christmas to you!

We're home!! just in time for the Christmas eve celebration, we just arrived hours ago from a 4 day stay and adventure in Tagaytay City. I think my blog will be flooded soon with lots of Tagaytay adventure, my next mission for 2014 is to add a food-travel-adventure map of Tagaytay, there are lots of undiscovered scenes and attractions there and my mission is to do a one day photo walk around Tagaytay and discover new scenes there before the year ends.

Christmas toys hunting in Toy Kingdom

Gahhh! today is the last minute Christmas shopping!!!! it always happen every December 24th that I go to a nearby mall and buy Christmas gifts for my family and friends, but for this year, I’ll go shopping for my family and the most important here is a gift for my 3 year old son, Ashton. Right now, I don’t know what toy I should buy for him, he saw already the Christmas presents here at home and he is already excited to open it up, I told him that those presents will be opened only for Christmas and then he said, “but dad, today is Christmas!” ahahahah.

Here are some toys that I spotted in Toy Kingdom, some are new and my first time to see it in their shelves.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ashton’s new toy hauls from down undahh!

The young toy collector at home got his 2nd batch of Christmas toys!

Thank you J, V, and A

I forgot to take pics of Ashton’s 1st batch of toys from Chicago. I will start to compile and docu all his new toys (and my toys, too) here in my blog. Me and Ash are working on a toy video blog this 2014, we will try to shoot the 1st episode after Christmas day.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

photo gallery: PhilipAbadicio.Com website launch party at Tempura Grill

Philip Abadicio the host of the new lifestyle tv show in TV5 – Philip the Lifestyle Guy, launched his own website, , he said that this will be the web portal and blog of his lifestyle show that airs every Sunday at 11am in TV5. Expect behind the scene photos, article and write up about the episode, food and lifestyle feature, video of past episodes and also interview with his celebrity guest. Philip said that the content they produce that wouldn’t make it for TV will land here in his website. Also a series of contest and giveaways will soon launch in his own website/blog. The fun factor here is that, Philip writes all the content in his website.

Azrael’s Merryland the web show–in the works this 2014 (production note 1)

The message last November 30, 2013 at 3:37am was --- “ I'm proposing for an online tv show, your own online tv show. Tentative schedule of first test broadcast. January or February 2013” When I received that message, I wasn’t so serious and then I did a little research about the guy who sent me the message, then I learned that he got a nice portfolio, he knows and worked with top personalities in the industry. So, I gave it a shot, I agreed about the online show starring me!

Grab Taxi outdoor modules in selected malls taxi bay area

I met Chari and Van of Grab Taxi team, I just saw them standing beside this Grab Taxi module and they are inviting people to try the Grab Taxi app from their iPad tablet OR book a taxi for free if ever they use Globe network, but they also invite others who are not using other mobile networks.

I spotted them at the valet and taxi bay area of SM Aura last December 13, 2013 at 9pm, and I told them that they are like superheroes because they help people get taxi via the Grab Taxi app. You know that getting a taxi in the middle of rush hour is so chaotic. Some taxi drivers avoid the malls at night just not to escape the traffic hassle and also driving a passenger in far location.

Thanks Headway Salon for my haircut last week in SM MOA #hindisponsored

Its my 5th time to get my haircut here in Headway Salon in SM Mall of Asia, my regular haircut is barbers cut (and its forever barbers cut) + shampoo service. I always pay Php250 here for the two hair service and plus Php50 for the barbers tip and if ever his back massage to me is good, I always add another Php50 as tip. heheheh.

Its my first time to post a blog about my visit in Headway Salon, I always mention it and post a pic in my Instagram, but I haven’t posted yet here in my blog. Maybe next time, I will get the name of my barber there, para may regular hair cutter na ko.

Travel log to Fairview

Here' my travel log, i composed it using the Blogger app

I rode the bus from Cavite going to Coastal terminal, i want to ride the bus going to Mrt Pasay station, but all buses are full and I heard that the qeue of line in Mrt are a mess. So my idea now is to ride a bus from coastal up to Fairview. 

Yup! Im seated at the tail of this bus.

I rode this bus from coastal, I paid Php 69 for the bus fare. I dont know how many hours it will take going there. I have to waste more time here and wait longer.  Ohh Man of steel movie is playing on tv.

I just arrived in ayala makati

Im bored 
The bus is playing the movie - man of tai chi


Saw fairiew center mall


Im finally in Fairview!! Whew!!

Im taking a break for awhile and eat my snacks here in Jollibee

Hello food!!

Jeep in lagro

Landed in my agenda

Fx to buendia


Just arrived in Buendia
Now ride a bus going to las pinas


Im home!

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