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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Merkado Supermarket now open in UP Town Center, Quezon City

Merkado Supermarket opens in UP Town Center, QC

Merkado Supermarket opened its doors last Friday in UP Town Center, its the first and only supermarket for the UP Town Center mall in Katipunan Ave in Quezon City. I also learned that day that Merkado Supermarket will be the carrier grocery brand in any upcoming Ayala Malls and maybe soon they will also add this supermarket brand to their existing Ayala Malls.

photo coverage: Van Ness Wu live in Levis Philippines event in Valkyrie Club

Van Ness Wu live in Levis Philippines July 31 2015 - photos by Azrael Coladilla

Van Ness Wu just finished its live performance and guesting at the LevisPH event in Valkyrie.
Van Ness Wu arrived in Manila today (around 11am) in Manila for a special guest performance sponsored by Levis Philippines. Fans gathered to witness this one of a lifetime engagement.
Here’s my photo coverage.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Photos: Van Ness Wu Live in Levis Philippines aftermath


Van Ness Wu just finished its live performance and guesting at the LevisPH event in Valkyrie.

Van Ness Wu arrived in Manila today (around 11am) in Manila for a special guest performance sponsored by Levis Philippines. Fans gathered to witness this one of a lifetime engagement.

More pics later...

And I saw a familiar face on this photo hahaha!!! (daomisyel)

ASUS Philippines releases 3 new ZenPad tablets

ASUS Zenpad launch in the Philippines

ASUS surprised us with the release of their new ZenPad tablets with new tech, strong specs and also the best SRP price for an Android power mobile device. Few months ago, the release of their ASUS Zenfone 2 was given positive reviews  by tech bloggers and journalist because of its powerful specs and stabilized Intel environment within the affordable price point.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A preview of the new dishes of La Piadina Italian restaurant and an evening chat with Chef Giorgio Matera

An evening with Chef Giorgio Matera of La Piadina restaurant

I was born upside down and then I grew up loving the Italian food, especially pizza and pasta. But I thought that I’m an expert already because I haven’t eaten yet almost all the delicious Italian dishes that is available here in Manila. I know some good restaurants but I always order the same pasta and the same pizza, there are no other Italian dishes to try because I’m not familiar with the taste and also its appearance, so I consider myself as a newbie when it comes to Italian dishes, I’m so embarrassed that as a foodie, I already forgotten the real taste of an Italian flavor.

Mazda2 SKYACTIV collab with Zalora PH to bring a Mazda KODO fashion inspired design by Mark Bumgarner

Mazda x M2 x Zalora x Mark Bumgarner

Mazda, the Japanese automobile car brand and award winner of 2014-2015 Japan Car of the Year teams up with the country’s leading online fashion store ZALORA Philippines to bring and introduce “M2” , a 100 pieces limited edition fashion collection that is designed by local fashion designer Mark Bumgarner.

Thats my earthquake monitoring item. I look at it whenever i...

Thats my earthquake monitoring item. I look at it whenever i felt a sudden quake. Its very helpful to determine how strong the quake. If it sways, its a sign to evac and head to safety.

#MMShakeDrill will happen today at 1030am to 1130am in metro manila

Be aware and pls participate

from Tumblr

#MMShakeDrill : Metro wide earthquake drill today at 10:30am July 30, 2015

Makati City at day, dawn, night time - photos by Azrael Coladilla

Take note: Today at 10:30am-11:30am, there will be a Metro Manila wide earthquake drill. The purpose of this drill is to promote preparedness when the "big one" hits Manila, we can't tell when, but its better to be prepared and our local government agencies are ready to respond, rescue and recover whenever a big natural disaster cripples the big city.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Full Throttle–a new local motoring show to air in History Channel [premieres on Aug 8 at 5pm]

Full Throttle - a new local motoring show for History Channel

Full Throttle sets to air its pilot episode this August 8, 2015 at 5pm in History Channel Philippines, it’s a new motoring show produced by Beyond Wheels Production. The show about cars and its tech will create a new trend on how to do a motoring features, reviews and test drive in local tv.

Chef and cooks are invited to join the Real Chef Challenge by Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise

Real Chef Challenge by Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise

Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise is inviting all the chefs and cooks in the Philippines to join in their upcoming contest called "the Real Chef Challenge". The contest will start on Aug 1 to Sept 30 via online as they will accept recipes as your entries and to be uploaded at

AirAsia and Nikon is in search for the best AirAsia travel photographer in the Philippines #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer

air asia travel photographer

I heard this contest before when Facebook friends tagged me in a post by Air Asia, its an interesting travel photography competition, but I know it’s a tough challenge to beat the PROs in travel photography. Then I learned that there will be a chance to some bloggers to go with the travel event and document the competition. I thought that there will be a photo contest for the press event, but bloggers were selected in a raffle and the lucky ones will join with the photography coaches and contestant and travel to 4 countries to capture the entire action and also for the contestant to capture their best entries across a range of categories that include landscape, food, portrait, architecture and travel.

WeatherPhilippines app–an accurate monitoring app of localize weather in the Philippines


Whenever I travel around the country or in any local city, I make sure that I always monitor the weather forecast first, because it will help me to prepare and bring the things I need, also it will prompt me to avoid to travel if the weather is not good on a certain day. But if ever that I need to leave right now and I saw that it will be rainy in Pampanga, all I need to do is gear up with my rain boots, jacket, and an umbrella to make sure that I will reach my destination all dried and protected against the rain.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greenwich Pizzeria store now open in BGC Stop Over offers a perfect venue for your #UltimateBarkadaExperience


Greenwich opened another Pizzeria store and it’s a first store branch located in BGC, it’s a different store and its no longer the fast food style or fast casual dining concept you used to know from the past. The new Greenwich Pizzeria is a new concept that targets the hip and young crowds who wants to have a modern set up of dining experience and also a place to have a barkada hang out over a special Greenwich pizza.

My 2 years project: I need to produce more muscles in my body before I reach 40 years old [Ensure Stay Strong]


That’s my goal.. produce more muscles before I reach 40 years old, and I have two more years left before I hit that age. I’m so worried about it because this is my 2nd time to hear the same lecture about people who gets weaker and weaker as they old, and the reason is that there’s a nutrition gap and the weak people suffers because they lack muscles. As we go old, our body mass and muscle starts to go thin, that’s why older people are “tuyot” or dried up because of old age, Others looks fine, fat and looks healthy, but they don’t have the proper strength and power to do more activities or stay longer when walking, running or climb the stairs.
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