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Friday, September 06, 2013

Recipe: Chicken Nuggets Chezee and Barbecue Rumaki By: Chef Kris Alcedo

Chicken Nuggets Chezee and Barbecue RumakiBy: Chef Kris Alcedo

Purefoods Fun Stuff Nuggets (2 boxes)
Magnolia Nutri-oil Palm oil
Cooked rice (cooled)
Barbeque sauce
Magnolia Chezee spread
Nori (toasted and cut into “3x1”) Lettuce

Recipe: Caramelized Chicken Thigh Fillets with Stir fried Vegetable Hotdogs Rice Pancake By: Chef Hasset Go


I’m posting here the recipe that was shared to us by Chef Hasset Go in yesteday’s launch of Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge

Caramelized Chicken Thigh Fillets with Stir fried Vegetable Hotdogs Rice PancakeBy: Chef Hasset Go

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge–call for entries

Filipino cooking style is very diverse that’s why I love our pinoy food, its hard to let it go and even our family and friends abroad still miss our pinoy food and cooking. There’s lots of origin of the cooking style of each food we have, like for example the adobo, kare kare, sinigang and pochero, we don’t have only one version of this pinoy food, but bec. our country is so rich with flavorings and people got lots of skills in cooking, the food I mentioned will play around to have 5-10 kinds of cooking style. That’s what SM Hypermarket and Master Brands of products are doing now, they are looking for the best of the best pinoy home cooking of our favorite Filipino cuisine. I agree from a comment that the best cooking is found at home and not in restaurants.

Its not a transmission from General Zod, but its Sky Cable screwing up my viewing of GMA NEWS TV Motorcyle Diaries

Its not a transmission from General Zod, but its Sky Cable screwing up my viewing of GMA NEWS TV Motorcyle Diaries featuring another episode of their India Expedition, kinda sucks whenever they do that... we missed the episode and we turned off the TV bec. there's no other good shows airing last night. So we just hooked up our laptop via HDMI to our LCD TV and logged in to and watch some replays of local tv shows.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

DARK SOULS II Closed beta registration starts today!

Here's a short heads up from our friends at Namco Bandai Games. Too bad that Philippine gamers are not listed for the test. But I will update you once we get a heads up from Namco Bandai Games.
update: for pinoy gamers who are logged using HK or SG account, you can see the banner of this beta test invite.

info below:

SINGAPORE, 5th September 2013 – DARK SOULS II, the latest addition to the Action RPG DARK SOULS series by FromSoftware and Namco Bandai Games Inc, will be available on Playstation®3, XBox360® and PC. There will be a closed beta for selected registrants for gamers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Sony Philippines partners with The Voice of the Philippines - to campaign "Music Deserves Respect"

Bamboo Manalac
Here’s an interesting news from Sony Philippines as they partner up with The Voice of the Philippines to campaign for “Music Deserve Respect”. Great job! Sony Philippines for supporting their endorser Bamboo Manalac and also the singing competition on tv.

My officemate

At age 3, my son Ashton now uses his Asus EEE PC laptop alone, he just watch some education videos in YouTube and also play games online. Ate M is not around today so I invited him to work beside me in our study room, but then it looks like that we both play games the whole day hahaha.

At first, I taught him on how to use the trackpad and mouse key buttons, the arrow keys, the space bar and the enter button. I think that's the most important part for youngsters to learn the keyb's of laptop, I told him to take a rest for awhile and stop using the touch screen devices for a day.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Movie date: The internship movie + Burger King’s BK Stack King burger

Aug 18, 2013 -- It’s a movie date with wifey again and we waited for this movie titled “The Internship”, its about two old guys who were jobless and found a way to apply for an internship at Google, it’s a good funny movie and its very inspiring too. Every movie session in SM Cinema, me and wife always celebrate by visiting a resto or a fast food, that day we decided to go back to Burger King, bec. I told her that I want to try that BK Stacks King burger of Burger King, it’s a 4 burger patty of awesomeness with bacon and melted cheese.

but before I tell you my review about that burger, let me share some photos that I took during our movie date

I changed my mind when I saw that Dragon Ball Z is still showing that day, but the wife don’t want to watch anime and she really want to watch that Google movie, I also want to watch Kick Ass 2, those are the movies that I missed for the month of August 2013.. oh damn..

Creative audio made clever with Hitz mobile headsets, Sound Blaster EVO headphones and Airwave HD portable NFC speakers

Creative is back again in the tech stream and they launched a new series of audio tech products for the 2013 that was dubbed as the distributor of clever audio to our human ear, I know that listening to crisp, clear and boombastic audio is not enough and as time goes by and the evolution for audio tech continuously evolve, the notorious audio maker Creative also known by tech geeks of the 90’s as Sound Blaster, they are here to present to us that their devices are not just smart, intelligent but more clever than ever.

Interview with the PR and marketing of @KakaotalkPH

Here’s my interview with Noah Hwang, the PR and marketing for Kakao Talk in the Philippines. I interviewed him after I arrived at the media launch of Kakao Talk in Makati City. Big news here.. bec. Kakao Talk just dominated the number 1 spot in App Store and Google Play last Aug 7, 2013.

Kakao Talk is a mobile messaging app that lets you send message and call friends for free via use of mobile internet or with wifi.

ME: Hi Noah, what is your role in Kakao Talk?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sykes Glorietta launch event–Sykes Shift, Bamboo performance (coverage)

After my tour inside the new Sykes Glorietta BPO 1 building, our media team were escorted at the Glorietta activity center and there we saw a nice set up for Sykes’ grand launching event to celebrate the opening of their new workplace. As they say that Sykes Shifts already because they are re-imagining the workplace for everyone and adds new office culture to the Philippines.

My visit in the new Sykes Glorietta BPO 1 building

I got a chance to check out the new building of Sykes in Glorietta mall building, the office building is not located at the center or inside the mall but it is located at the side of the mall. It’s a separate building that sits next to the new renovated Glorietta mall, and next to Holiday Inn hotel.

Sykes is a BPO company that started here in our country 16 years ago and considered as the pioneer in the BPO industry. The BPO industry continues to grow and give more push here in our country, as time flies, every company needs to convert and adapt to give a new working space and office culture to their employees, that's what Sykes is doing right now, they are shifting to a new direction with much better working space and also a high tech HQ in Makati City.

Victorinox travel gear and Victorinox Klasse loyalty card launched in Manila

I attended a posh cocktail party organized by iconic 125 year old Swisss brand, Victorinox, the event is to celebrate another milestone for the Swiss brand by hosting a “Klasse” or chic and stylish event and also inline with the Swiss National day celebration. The event was held last August 14, 2013 at the Oz bar in Holiday Inn.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Subic Fitness Festival 2013–the biggest fitness festival in the Philippines (Nov 15-17,2013)

Sports fans, fitness and active lifestyle enthusiast will love the news about this Subic Fitness Festival that will happen on Nov 15-16, 2013 in Subic, one of the main purpose of this festival is to make Subic as the ground zero for training, fitness and active lifestyle and it serves as a campaign awareness for the family to bond together and enjoy a healthy living by staying fit. The event is organized by F&F Events International Inc. working with the Harbor Point Mall and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SMBA), there will be lots of sports activity, fun run, circuit wars, triathlon, yogathon, fitness and wellness boot camp, victory run, exhibits and trade show.
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