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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rendang mix and paste from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After my 1st trip in Malaysia last May 2013, I bought a jar of rendang sauce in Dama Sheng store in Genting highlands, the rendang sauce brand is "Lian", I searched on the net if ever we have those sauce here in Manila, but there's no info or even digital foot print about Lian brand. Then my wife told me that I should buy here a new set of rendang sauce. She even threaten me that I must not go home in the country without any rendang sauce ( I know she's just joking hahaa)

I roam around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I didn't found any single wrap of a rendang sauce or mix, I visited some malls, convenience store, and the Central Market, there's no sign or store selling a rendang sauce.

spotted: Olympus m.zuiko m.4/3 17mm lens - Php14,995 (in SM Store)

I saw this 17mm m.zuiko m.4/3 lens in SM Store and I think the price started to go up already. 6 months ago, this was priced at around Php 12,000 and now the price increased and its Php3,000 more expensive. I'm saving some money to buy this lens and now the price started to change.

I’m not ready to go back to skating

I got the craziest idea hours ago, I decided to go out in my pair of inline skates and plan to cover the Bakood Festival in the next town. I over estimated myself and thought that I can keep on striding til I reach my destination, but I realized that my body is not yet in good physical condition, I recovered from a stomach ache this morning and after eating my lunch, I heavily stride using my skates from our home going out of the village. As soon as I reached the highway, it was busy and its hot!

Friday, September 27, 2013

City of Bacoor, Cavite celebrates Bakood Festival 2013 this Sept 28, 2013 (schedules of parade)
This September 28, 2013 is the grand festival of Bacoor City, the first city you will reach if you are coming from Coastal road in Manila. I lived near the town for almost 8 years already and I always see banners and posters every year of Bacoor City’s Bakood Festival. I don’t know what’s the main festival, and what to see there, but every year in a month of September, Bakood Festival is said to be the grandest festival celebration here in Cavite.

I got details from the press con and coming from the local government under Mayor Strike Revilla, he said that Bakood Festival will celebrate as our 1st National Marching Band Festival, based from last year’s count, they have a total of 50 marching bands coming from Bacoor City, the only town in the Philippines to have the biggest marching band parade.

Thank you Malaysia! its Nice to know you! again!!

I’m back now here in Manila, Philippines and after 2 days of travel recovery, I finally got the energy to blog and start working regularly here in my blog (yeahh blogging is my day job).

Our Malaysia trip is one of the best trip ever! me with Enzo Luna of and Raffy Pedrajite of , planned this trip since August 2013 and after some unexpected incidents like cancellation of flights, suspension of airline, rebooking dramas, flooded airport, and the last minute of booking, with all of those events, I can say that our travel is really worth it, because we took home great experiences we felt in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and for my 2nd time here in KL, I didn’t discover about the country, but I discover about the Malaysians are nice and awesome to us Filipino tourist and visitors. Our travel didn’t started about sight seeing and attractions, but its more about our life in Malaysia.

Monday, September 23, 2013

We're here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this Sept 22-25, 2013

I forgot to mention here in my blog that me and my travel blogger friends are here in Kuala Lumpur for 4 days, thats from Sept 22-Sept 25, 2013. Enjoy viewing some photos that we uploaded in a shared collaboration environment from Facebook's new feature

shout out to! and

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Converse punk your Chucks with Komiks artist

Converse Philippines organized an event at their flagship store in Glorietta mall in Makati City, they invited their sneaker fans to come and visit the store and get a chance to win a customized Converse Chuck Taylor, designed, drawn and customized by our top local comic book artist. Converse Philippines invited Kajo Baldisimo, artist and co-creator of Trese comics and Bow Guerrero comic creator of Dark Colony comics. The two artist started to show off their skills in drawing but not on paper, but on an original Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. They used pentel pens and some acrylic pens in drawing their comic book creations on to the canvass-like skin of a Converse sneakers.

Sofitel Manila’s Spiral–21 Dining Atelier Experience!

Spiral panoramic  (1)
Ahhhh…Spiral..we meet again, If I count my visit here in Spiral, it was just around 5 times, and for this 5th time, it was my 2nd time to check out and see the new renovated set up of Spiral. We remember that the entire floor of Spiral was heavily damaged by a typhoon, and then after a year of renovation, we finally saw a much better version of Spiral. I just learned that their dining section is no longer called “buffet, ” today it is called "atelier", meaning a workshop for chefs as artisan, where they make awesome recipes that masterfully prepared infront of you.
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