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Saturday, October 05, 2013

My Coverage Photos: Million People March in Ayala, Makati City

Here’s my photo coverage of the Million People March in Ayala that was held yesterday in Makati City. I received a Facebook event invite about the scheduled 2nd leg of the Million People March, the last march was held in Luneta and now the 2nd is here in Makati City. I went here because I got a scheduled event coverage in Mandarin Hotel, and it was a great timing that I’ll be covering two events happening in one venue which is in Makati. My plan is to shoot a time lapsed of the whole event but I forgot to bring my tripod and then I decided to have a photo coverage of the people and the scene. I plan it well for that day and I’m glad everything went so smooth.

The purpose of the march is to voice out more concerns of our people and hoping that our President Aquino will listen to the wish of our people that they should take actions and clear out the pork barrel, PDAF and DAP dramas. The march and program was held right infront of the statue of Ninoy Aquino, father of our president. I felt lots of anger and depression coming from the people who joined this march, some of them are not rally regulars, they are the people who work so hard to get a better life and after the pork barrel scam drama, everyone felt that we got duped by our national officials for so many years by pocketing the country’s fund, that can be useful for the country’s growth, education and health upgrades and agriculture. I wonder who will ever listen to us, or who will ever take action, I just don’t know, but I hope they hear this shout “scrap pork now!!”. The organizers of this Million People March are confident that there will be more march in the future, they will not stop until someone listened from our government.

Virtual 360 degrees photo of Million People March Makati -- by Fung Yu

Million People March - Ayala, Makati City - Scrap Pork 2013-10-05 08-06-07

Fung Yu: "360 panoramas of this afternoon's #MillionPeopleMarch at Ayala for #ScrapPork Link here:"

If you missed attending the event or if you want to feel the atmosphere at the people march in Makati, then click the web link and check out the virtual photo and 360 degrees setting while wearing your pajamas at home. Fun Yu's virtual photo is getting better and better...faster to load and much interactive.

I got included in one of the crowd shots located at the left side of the stage :) Thanks Fung Yu

My snapshot face at Million People March Makati -- thanks Chris Lucas

Thanks to photographer Chris Lucas for taking a ninja pic of me while I take a rest and sat on a big speaker near the stage of the Million People March event in Makati. I'm still fixing my photo files and a blog coverage post will be up later after I finish my breakfast.

Friday, October 04, 2013

All chocolate in this post, from Chocolate Festival of Resorts World Manila

It’s a delayed post, and I haven’t posted my photos yet about the Chocolate Festival press con event that was held in Resorts World Manila,and in this blog post are all about chocolates!!! Last September 2013, RWManila launches their Chocolate Festival, its not your ordinary choco festival event, because from their choco festival they offer high grade chocos being sold in all their stores, hotels and restaurants. For restos, they come up a special food with chocolates. I missed the main event in RWManila and haven’t check the choco offerings of RWManila.

ADP dance flashmob rocks Glorietta

If you will launch something and you want it to have a big blast of announcement, try come up with a nice dance flashmob in one of the top shopping mall here in Manila, but make sure you will not dance alone, but will dance with style in a large group. Not all flashmob are effective when it comes to campaign or word of mouth, because the flashmob craze is just a common thing to do in this generation, but for ADP this is not a campaign, it’s a tradition for them to have a flashmob dance party, their company uploaded lots of ADP flashmob dance in Youtube and taken from different parts of the world. The ADP flashmob dance Manila has finally launched and it surprised many shoppers that day here in Glorietta 2 activity center.

iPhone5c and iPhone 5s in Blentec's blender - will it blend ?

hahah!!! awesome!!! In every latest gadget release, Blentec's blending gimmick is the most awaited ever.. so will it blend ??

Watch the video and see how the blender transform the iPhone into dust. The iPhone5S with gold body looks real gold dust after the blending.

warning: do not try this at home

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Back in the game

Yesterday's adventure back in Manila is very stressful, I finally got a chance to go out of our house and traveled to Manila to attend one event and one meeting, but the traffic is worse yesterday and EDSA is not very friendly to pass in a regular day. Also, going back home is the most stressful, I just played Plants vs. Zombies 2 inside the bus while going home.

I hope there will be no traffic later.

Not yet the end for the Gwiyomi mania in the Philippines

Hari - PR Photo 2
This is a delayed blog post.. sorry for I was so busy few months ago and I just missed a meet and greet with Korean artist “Hari”, she’s the original artist of the song “Gwiyomi” she also invented the hand and facial moves together with the song and it became a viral hit last summer, and according to my research the it all started last Feb 2013 and then it went viral after some Koreans started to upload their own version of Gwiyomi, which later was picked up by cute people here in the Philippines.. Btw “gwiyomi” is a Korean word means “cute people”

The SM Store Men’s Fashion unveils David Gandy

i'm sharing this news that was sent to us from our friends at SM Store


Male supermodel set to sizzle in brand's biggest campaign to date

SM MEN'S FASHION brings another meaning to its name by adding an internationally renowned male 'supermodel' to its growing roster of brand icons. British model David Gandy has officially been announced as the face of SM Men's Fashion, and is set to arrive in the country this October to headline the brand's biggest campaign to date.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats!–a mighty meal for the family

Ohhh lookie! my young Avenger, 3 yrs old,Ashton is enjoying a bite of crisscut fries from Jollibee, its part of the new set of “Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats” inline with the upcoming movie “Thor 2: The Dark World”, we’re excited to watch the 2nd movie of Thor, or let’s say it will be his 3rd movie – let’s count the Avengers movie as his 2nd movie. The new movie will be released here in the Philippines on Oct 30, 2013, so make sure everyone is prepared for another journey of Thor (and ahemm.Loki)

I'm the 25,103,379th Facebook user

fb user
The Face of Facebook web app ( displays all entire Facebook users in one page using our own profile images, they display everyone in a total of 1.2 billions plus of Facebook users around the world. I tried using the app by connecting it to my account and after a few seconds I learned that I'm in the 25th million position.

Monday, September 30, 2013

KakaoTalk lucky fan’s night event: Sarah Geronimo mini concert and intro of new ambassadors–Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes

I didn’t expected that we will be attending 2 events of KakaoTalk last Sept 16,2013 in Makati Shangri La Hotel, I’m not prepared for it and but when I heard that Sarah Geronimo will have a mini concert, I didn’t think twice to leave the venue after the presscon and I found myself standing at the front row of the stage waiting for Sarah G’s performance. hahaha. It’s been ages since the last time I saw Sarah G’s live performance on stage and this time, she’s smoking hot!!!

Everyday extraordinary at the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 26th St. Bistro in Global City

If you want to experience something that is extraordinary and want to have it in a daily basis,then I suggest you should visit the all new…all different branch and bistro concept of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Global City located at the 26th Street. The new branch is called “CBTL 26th Bistro”. The new branch is no longer a cafĂ© or your regular coffee store, the new store gives a different take of a former coffee store to a full scale bistro or restaurant. It means, here in CBTL 26th Bistro, there are more coffee, tea and also food. We know that CBTL offers the best food for your breakfast, like my favorite Egg’s Benedict and Food for thought, the best is that they offer it as an all-day breakfast meal and I really like that, and my wish has been granted for more food at CBTL.

Photos of items for travel designed by Flight 001 (plus pic of their new Manila store in Shangri La Plaza East Wing)

Go Clean Gym Gear
Go Clean Gym Gear

I’m posting here some photos of original items designed by Flight 001, to know more about the store in Shangri La Plaza mall’s new East Wing, visit my blog feature at

For your travel needs: Flight 001 Manila store launch in Shangri La Plaza East Wing

Traveling will be more fun because the world's premiere travel store, Flight 001 (flight one) just launched their 3rd store here at the new East Wing of Shangri La Plaza mall, it is the biggest store of Flight 001 and they got lots of stocks of items that you need for your travel. I’m not familiar with the store when I heard about this Flight 001 and I thought that they are some kind of travel and luggage bags, but when I witness the grand opening of their new store, I saw Flight 001 is like a travelers haven, because they got the state of the art travel bags and items that can make your life easy whenever you go around the country or around the world.

here’s a short history of Flight 001 store

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bakood festival 2013 pics in Instagram

via @iamkathlheen

I failed to attend and cover the Bakood Festival 2013, so the only media material that is viewable and available online is in Instagram. I searched the content via the hash tag: Bakood Festival 2013 and I saw some photos posted in public setting by Instagram users.

Marching Band winners at Bakood Festival 2013

I just saw this tweet awhile ago after I search some info about the Bakood Festival here in Bacoor City, Cavite. I failed to cover this event here in my blog because of the heavy rain yesterday.

Congratulations to all winners!

winners list:

Champion- Mariners Band
1st - Sta. Monica Band
2nd - Banda 22 Pililia
(Drill)- Mariners Band Naga City.

(source: Amiel Lim via Bakood Festival FB event page)

Traditional Bavarian cuisine @ Oktoberfest Manila this Oct 18-19, 2013 in Sofitel

Here are the list of Bavarian traditional cuisine at Oktoberfest Manila, for details and tickets of the event, pls visit my blog post at

We ate this during the preview event and I sooo love the “Goulash Soup”

75th Oktoberfest Manila this October 18-19,2013 in Sofitel Manila's Harbor Garden Tent

It will be October once again in the next few days and we’re not excited for the sem break and Halloween, but we are much excited for the Oktoberfest or shall we call it the beerfest month! Here in the Philippines, we celebrate this as early as September, but the official schedule is always in the last week of September up to the early weeks of October. The Oktoberfest is usually celebrated in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1810, and it’s a part of the Bavarian culture, but there’s no need to go to Germany just to experience an authentic Oktoberfest celebration, here in the Philippines, we have the celebration and party and marking for its 75th celebration here in Manila, yeah it started on 1906 and thanks to the German Club Manila for bringing the beer fest and friendly cheer here in Manila.

The big celebration will be on October 18-19, 2013, it’s a two day fest at Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s newly renovated Harbor Garden Tent. And for Sofitel, they are celebrating this authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest for its 4th year. For me, this will be my 2nd Oktoberfest, the last one I attended was with the German embassy, and it’s a hell of a party! super fun with lots of over flowing beer and a nice German sausage fest!

Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu– ready heat and eat chicken katsu

I got an email about this new Top Torikatsu from Bounty Fresh, I was so busy that time when this was offered to me to try it, I didn’t even bother to Google it or find what it is, I just want the product be delivered here at home and for me to discover what it is. The product is made by Bounty Fresh, our trusted and number one supplier of delicious and top quality chicken products here in the country, I don’t have any doubts about this product and I know its good.

Plane tickets Manila-Palawan list in Sky Scanner

I'm using this mobile app in my iPhone4s called "Sky Scanner" its an app that finds you the cheapest flights around the Philippines and also in other countries. I'ved used this for the first time during months ago in finding the most affordable plane ticket to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It's very helpful and it can give you an idea how much you can spend for your vacation and trip.

Me and my blogger friends will be in Puerto Princesa, Palawan this October 2013, and we don't have yet booked a flight, so I'm posting here a list of departure and return flight of different airlines. This will help us decide which airlines we can purchase our ticket with the lowest offerings.
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