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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Event food at Solaire Resorts

The food are so lovely in photos, that’s why I’m posting it here in my blog, I forgot to ask the waiter guy which Solaire Resorts restaurant that served the food of the event that day. I love the set up and also their desserts.

The buffet meat section is almost empty when I arrived, I was late and I went to the buffet area as soon as I arrive and before I grab my own seat at this event in the grand ballroom of Solaire. I talked to one of the media guest who are in the buffet section lining up with us and told me that the event haven’t started yet, because everyone are still eating their lunch.

2nd visit to Zarzuela restaurant in East Wing of Shangri La Plaza

A visit again at Zarzuela restaurant in East wing of Shangri La Plaza - photos by Azrael Coladilla
I took my 2nd bite again here in Zarzuela restaurant located in the East Wing of Shangri La Plaza, the feeling of eating here again is like eating for the very first time. I attended a round up meeting and lunch with my blogger friends and its funny that this resto is the only establishment that brought us back together in one place and one time for the first time hahaha. Dining with your “tropa” is fun and it brought us a lot of laughter and also the act of sharing our status in the online and offline world.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cool shirts with pinoy twist in Greenhills

I didn’t expected that I’ll go shopping after the laptop repair session hahaha. Here I spot a store that sells cool shirts with pino twist, I bought the shirt above with a price of Php 150. It’s a symbol signs of different transportation in Manila. I think they missed the habal habal bikes and the padyak in rail roads.

The tech store in Greenhills that fixed my laptop

My Acer Aspire 4741Z laptop…… This image was from my old files and its my laptop’s first appearance in my blog, I bought it last year 2010, and now its 3 years old already. I experienced lots of problems already when it hit its 2nd year, first was the charger, then the battery pack, then the hard drive (massive data loss), then problem occurred this year when the fan is not working properly and then the power IC and battery is defective.

Cool items, toys and stuff at True Value store

After getting a new haircut and my companion went to a bag repair shop in Shangri La Plaza, while waiting for the bag to be repaired, we decided to roam around the mall and check out the stores and resto at the top level.

Here I visited True Value store, my last visit here was 4 or maybe 5 years ago when we bought some kitchen items, but then I got attracted to this store again when I saw this Train model play set displayed infront of the store with a tag price and discount label.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Case-Mate Philippines grand opening and up to 80% discounts this July 19 @ SM Cyberzone-SM City North EDSA

Case-Mate Philippines, a new casing brand for smartphone and mobile devices will open their kiosk store this July 19, 2013 in SM Cyberzone-SM City North EDSA, to hype up the grand opening, Case Mate Philippines will offer 80% off discounts from July 19-21 2013 in all kinds of casing. So better check out their store and their Facebook page for casing designs for your iPhones, iPads, BB, HTC, Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy.

I lost my notebook - ideas, interviews, story and travel journals are all gone!

Before my weekend became so hectic and sitting at home doing nothing, because I encounter two kinds of bad luck starting Friday. 1st my notebook is missing and I suspect that I lost it in SM MOA while I'm on my way home. Then 2nd, my laptop broke down the next day and It took me the whole weekend trying to carry on after encountering the two bad luck incidents.

The King of Kaiju is coming... Godzilla is next

I saw Godzilla died for two times already, the Japanese movie version and also the American version, I just can't believe that another reincarnation will come in the big screen and this might be for 2014 movie release, I didn't research much for the upcoming movie, but a video from the director Gareth Edwards mentioned that they already finish principal photography and the big news will be revealed this San Diego Comic Con.

Are you excited ?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spätzle : Euro Market Cafe in East Wing of Shangri La Plaza

Spätzle : Euro Market Cafe in East Wing of Shangri La Plaza
Spotted this new resto cafe in the  East Wing of Shangri La Plaza, I'm interested to try this new resto called - Spätzle : Euro Market Cafe, I noticed that there are so many customers dining in here and maybe because their food might be great.When I saw this, my mind tells me that it might be an Italian resto.

I took some photos around the resto and let this blog post serves as a reminder to me that I should visit this in my next mall visit. I want to try their coffee and sandwich that day, but my tummy is full already and I need to take a break from eating that hour.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Zarzuela restaurant in New East Wing of Shangri La Plaza

Zarseual restaurant in new east wing of Shangri La Plaza photos by Azrael Coladilla
Opera song, dance and play of a Zarzuela added a new scene in our arts, culture and history, thanks to the Spaniards that came here and introduced this to us as new form of art and entertainment. I haven't seen a live zarzuela performance yet and thanks to Youtube that it took me just seconds to watch on how it is performed, I'm interested to see more of it.

I'm glad modern zarzuela is being taught in school and its a lot more entertaining for this generation, but the Zarzuela that I know now is a new restaurant that was put up in the new East Wing of Shangri La Plaza mall, the name of the resto gave you a teaser already what they serve, because they served food inspired from Spanish and Filipino cuisine.

Starbucks new beverage and food this July 16, 2013 (try the frappuccino with taho!)

Starbucks Philippines is having another endless new product for their beverage and food line up every season and this time, the coffee journey will bring us to new taste and flavor as they unveiled their new frappuccino blended beverage added with white chocolate pudding (or taho) under your beverage, imagine there's a taho in your frappy beverage! I tasted and tested it, and I like it, they released the white chocolate pudding add on to 2 new beverage, but I got information that you can get a white pudding add on in any flavored frap, just add Php 30 per pudding add on. Isn't it that cool ? I want to try a double taho in my frap, I don't mind how much I pay., but the white chocolate pudding is so tasty and yummy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Franchise Asia Philippines 2013 this July 17-21, 2013 at SMX Convention Center

Take note of this event if you are looking for a new business venture and want to try franchising a business and also learn from the experts about the franchising and business industry, the Franchise Asia Philippines 2013 is the event for you, they will have a series of seminars, expo and booth exhibits starting July 17 to July 21 at the SMX Convention Center.

Maki party later at home, I ordered food online in Cafe Shiro via

photo via @jedtiulim
Sunday is a day of food munching here at home, we enjoy watching the showbiz news every Sunday while we munch new food, we always order food via phone here in Cavite every Sunday and we already tried all of the food delivery here in our area, then I got this idea to try order food online. We also want to try new food from new restos, especially restos that we haven't yet encountered.

So I;m going to try the food of Cafe Shiro and then we decided to launch our maki party this Sunday. Cafe Shiro resto is located in Roxas Blvd.
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