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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

The successful maki roll party at home via Café Shiro and @foodiedotph

Cafe Shiro
Everyone are at home that weekend and we’re too lazy to go out and dine in a nice restaurant, there are times that we love to stay home and do some food fest while watching TV, and besides we hate the traffic brewing in every highways and street, so we decided to have fun here at home.

Our Sunday is a sunny fest for family gathering and eating good food, then we got this plan to host a Japanese maki roll party at home, this will save us more time to do other things, and no need to dress up nicely, gas up our car, travel and brave the heavy traffic in EDSA and not to worry for parking space.
We also got tired ordering the same fast food and restaurant near our area, even if its just one phone call and the food will be here at home, but there’s no Japanese resto that can deliver food.

NBA 3X Philippines 2013 this July 26-28, 2013

Basketball fans haven’t got tired of the recent Lebron James mania few days ago and after a day rest and some re-energizing moments, here we faced again another NBA mania, because NBA 3X just arrived here in the Philippines do conduct a lot of basketball activities, tournaments and NBA star meet and greet. The event NBA 3X visit different countries to promote basketball and also get a chance to meet and watch the NBA stars do their impressive basketball moves, its much better to watch it in court than watching it on TV.

NBA experience here in the Philippines is a dream come true and we have waited for years for such an activity, this event is presented by Sprite and they launched the event here for the 3rd time already.. are you ready to fire up the ball ? btw, this is just a beginning of the teaser for more NBA out also for the big battle of Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers this coming October 2013 in SM Arena.

The panda is cute...but Flickr is down today

yup... I was about to uploading some photo set in my Flickr account and I need it to post it for my blogging, but then I forgot that Flickr will be down on Thurs and that will be Friday here in our country.. arghhh, now I need to upload those photo set next time and upload 5-10 photos only here using my Google Picassa.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smoper Korean Chicken opens 2 branches in Manila

Smoper Korean Chicken at BGC
Smoper Korean Chicken is a new fast food in BGC, I want to call it the chicken fast food because they serve spicy and flavored chicken and also Korean food. I heard that this fast food is big blockbuster in BGC because of their affordable price and awesome promos – imagine… eat all you can chicken and they offer also beer! Office people are one of the avid customers here in Smoper BGC branch, and it’s the 1st branch here in the country and also 1st branch outside South Korea. They are now opening a 2nd branch in Katipunan Ave. infront of Ateneo.

Smoper is a popular fast food store in South Korea, they operate 800 branches all over the Korea and now they are here in the Philippines, because we don’t have here a Korean fast food and offer a different take of spicy flavored chicken.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to blogging

I'm back!!! I just experienced lots of delays and also events that prevents me from blogging, first was the laptop repair and then the flu attack last week. I'm okay now and got a new energy to blog and also bring new content for the online world. I started to be a news freak lately, like spending lots of hours reading the current news and events and also video news from our local network, I just want to be updated what's the latest happenings about our country and also the result of the recently concluded State of the Nation Address of our Philippine President, there are lots of side stories that happened last Monday and it occurred in one day only. News coming in from left to right is hard to absorb, so I need to sit down and relax and start to think about my future and also my family's future. I know there will be hope for our country someday.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bad virus

The bad virus struck me again, and I got it after I slept last Wednesday night with an open window, it was windy that night here in Cavite and I decided to open the window and let the cold breeze enter the room, just to get rid of the warmth of the room that was left by a massive heat of the sun that day. But I was so busy and tired the whole day and went to bed early at night, and I forgot to close the window, I do that whenever it is windy, because I know that I might catch a virus (some kind of dust allergy).  And on Thursday throat started to itch and I know that I caught the virus already.  Then last Friday, I felt so sick and my body's temperature starting to get hot, and then followed by body pains, I took some drugs and then after an hour, I felt okay.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Woo Galbi: Korean House restaurant in East Wing of Shangri La Plaza

Woo Galbi Korean House restaurant in East Wing Shangri La mall  - photos Azrael Coladilla
I featured the food of Woo Galbi before here in my blog, you can read my food photos teaser here at . I’m happy to hear that their restaurant is now open in East Wing of Shangri La Plaza mall. I’m still a newbie when it comes to Korean food, but my experience with Woo Galbi gave me lots of new knowledge about Korean food.
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