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Saturday, August 03, 2013

My return to Smoper Korean Chicken


Ha! I returned to Smoper Korean Chicken in BGC and I ordered a massive load of chickens for take out.. why? because I want to bring it home and let my family try it. Bec. BGC is too far in our home, the only way for them to try Smoper here, is that I should buy one and bring it home.

So I ordered 16 chickens!!!
all plain with no flavor, because I told them to separate the sauces.

Breastfeeding Week Philippines Art Exhibit in SM Aura feat. Khristina Manansala and Raks Molata

During a road traffic emergency..I met up with my wife and son in SM Aura for the exhibit launch event of the Breastfeeding Week Philippines Art Exhibit, featuring the artworks of two artist - Khristina Manansala and Raks Molata. The art exhibit created in traditional art that shows moms breastfeeding their baby. The event is in partner with Philippine Pediatric Society and sponsored by Philips Avent Breast Pump.

The station for a DeLiteful day–about chickens and Magnolia

Magnolia Chicken DeLightful Day event in SM MOA - photos by Azrael Coladilla of Azraels Merryland
I’m not a kitchen person or a guy who loves to cook, but I try my best to learn the good and right way of cooking and also selecting the right ingredients for our food and also food items at the grocery. Back in the old days, I always accompany my dad in buying fresh food ingredients in a local wet and dry market in our town, its just across a highway and we need to play “patintero” with a bus while crossing. I just watch and learn on how my dad buy freshly distributed dead chickens, hahaha that’s what I call it. I just don’t care that time where the chickens came from, but all we know that the chickens are clean and we haven’t got sick after our first buy, so after that we just buy our ingredients and also chicken to our “suki” seller (only seller we patronize). But that was in the old years and I think it’s the year 1990’s were the last time I went to a local wet and dry market with my dad and mom. But times have changed and we encounter lots of bocha chickens or double dead chickens – struck with diseases or died naturally. And we know that eating those double dead are bad to our health.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Project Kisame meet up later

Project Kisame
I just stumbled this meet up sign up in Facebook events section and I got attracted to it, because I'm so fascinated by the artworks on the walls and ceiling of our old churches here in the Philippines, I visited some of the old churches that aged and restored and some stood here in our islands way back after the Spanish invasion.

photo coverage: AXN’s The Apprentice Asia finale party

AXN The Apprentice Asia - finale party
Asia’s First Apprentice Emerges on AXN
Filipino marketer Jonathan Allen Yabut wins The Apprentice Asia

Singapore / Manila, 31 July 2013 – Tony Fernandes has picked Jonathan Allen Yabut of the Philippines as his Apprentice in AXN’s latest made-in-Asia-for-Asia original production, The Apprentice Asia!
Over 11 gruelling episodes, the 27-year-old senior product manager beat 11 other contestants who made the cut from applicants across Asia. The series culminated in the nail-biting final showdown between Jonathan and Singaporean lawyer Andrea Loh in their final task to organize a black tie charity fund-raiser for AirAsia Foundation, which aired earlier this evening at 9.05pm first and exclusively on AXN.

I’m the man on top! hahahaha thanks Rogin-E

The man on top is the new meaning for Rogin-E, that’s what they want to show that a man who takes Rogin-E is always on top of everything, and here at the finale party of The Apprentice Asia, I just spotted their booth and got a chance to try that mafia chair with two bombshells.

Last FHM 100 Sexiest Women party, they also have that photo op in one of their booths, but it was an exclusive invites only for those who brought the Rogin-E invite card that came along with a pack of Rogin-E bought from participated Mercury Drug stores.

I didn’t got a chance to try the photo op back then, but here..I’m now a mafia boss for 5 seconds hahaah

Everyone joked at me and said … “ hala..sumbong ka namin kay Lace!” haahhahaha

Not sure..If the girl on the left was there at the FHM event, but I’m sure the girl on the right was there, and thought that she might be a he ahahahaa. But here, I can tell that she’s a genuine she.

But if I'm wrong.... just TELL ME!! right away hahahaha

I supported Rogin-E for their campaign and tie up with FHM last month.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Az video blog: The Apprentice Asia finale party at Hyve

Here's my video blog of the finale party of The Apprentice Asia last night.

Jonathan Yabut, one of the Filipino contestant of The Apprentice Asia won the competition as the 1st Apprentice Asia and also apprentice for Tony Fernades of Air Asia Airlines, the live viewing of the episode in AXN was held in Hyve club in Bonifacio High Street.
AXN The Apprentice Asia - finale party

Meet & greet with your favorite #TheApprenticeAsia contestants today in New Orleans resto, BHS

BQi8ayMCYAAwpCn.jpg large
Meet and greet with the Apprentice Asia contestant and also meet and greet with the 1st The Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut.

Today - Aug 1, 2013 at 11am
in New Orleans, BHS


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fiesta Bahia–the food tourism market that offers regional food is now open in SM Mall of Asia by the bay every weekends

Fiesta Bahia food market in SM Mall of Asia - photos by Azrael Coladilla
If you are looking for a nice food adventure nearby, then I suggest you try the 1st food tourism market in the country, that offers a lot of food offered by different regions in our country. The Fiesta Bahia is just getting it on for its 3rd week and the foodies just won’t stop trying those new recipes from creative cooks, chefs and even food hobbyist. My interest here is to try a new and out of this world pinoy food that I will taste it for the very first time here in Fiesta Bahia. I went there during their first weekend and I super enjoyed the food and I emptied my wallet and bought lots of cakes and also meaty products.

Gamers.Ph– a Shopping site and online auctions for pinoy gamers launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
www.Gamers.Ph was launched few days ago and now active in the digital world by X-Play Online Games Inc. and it’s the first ever gaming shopping site and also online auctions for pinoy gamers here in the Philippines. Here in our country, the online shopping and also auction battle using the internet still grows and although that some sites that we have before offering the same style (shopping and auction) didn’t even reach 3-5 years in operation, I just hope that Gamers.Ph will survive and be a strong online source for our gaming needs.

Get a FREE Berocca Performance vitamins and gift pack here in my blog #OnFullBlast @BeroccaPh

the prize

UPDATE: Contest ended - August 2013.
list of winners -

Ohh check it out! there's an instant giveaway here in my blog! Yup! we're giving away some Berocca Performance vitamins and also a gift pack. Hey! if you want to try Berocca Performance, here's a great chance for you. Berocca Performance is a multivitamins contains Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and essential minerals, these are good juice for our body and it will keep us on full blast. I've tried it before and its just drinking an ordinary juice. This is also recommended to drink if you are tired and mentally stressed.

Get this "B. Braun OMNITEST® PLUS Kit" diabetes monitoring device for free here in the Philippines


Test for diabetes in clinics and hospitals are a bit costly and time consuming, the blood test and session will give you hours of waiting time, but the results are very accurate.  Buwhat t if you are given a chance to have this B. Braun Omnitest plus kit for free, then you'll earn how to use it personally to your self like conducting a glucose test in just minutes at home and I'm sure doctors will suggest that you monitor your glucose if ever you became a bit careless in eating or for others it is very helpful for those who are pregnant to monitor if they hit the red mark of the level of glucose.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Az video blog: Panel talk with the Organizers of World Food Expo 2013

Here's my video of the organizers of WOFEX 2013, this was taken during the bloggers conference few weeks ago, I learned so many things from them, and as an expo organizer myself, I think we should stay focus and innovate more to have a successful expo or trade show. The WOFEX 2013 is now big and getting bigger and better every year.

World Food Expo 2013 blogcon
Organizers of WOFEX 2013

World Food Expo 2013

more details at
and the competition details at and

Schedules of the Philippine Culinary Cup -

Seminar details -

KidzYoga - Australia 4-day Intensive Teacher's Training in Manila on October 4 - 7, 2013

Kidz Yoga Australia Intensive Teacher's Training - blogcon - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Kidz Yoga-Australia is here in Manila to conduct on a 4 day yoga training for teachers, this will benefit the teacher on how to do yoga and also get a certificate as a yoga teacher for kids.

Participants will be given a training manual, pose cards, lunch and snacks, training shirt, use of the Kidz Yoga logo for a year, name on official website. Any teacher can join and its okay if you haven't tried yoga, because you'll also learn the basics here in the training program.

Goodyear launches Assurance TripleMax with hydrogrip tech tires

Goodyear Assurance Triple Max tire launch event - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Goodyear unveiled recently their new tire product that are designed for mid-sized passenger vehicles, the new tire of Goodyear have this "Assurance TripleMax", the first tire to boast Goodyear's latest tech - called "Hydrogrip Technology" - the tire can help the car increase more grip on the road and have maximum assurance and worry free driving on wet roads.

The new tire is very helpful especially on wet roads, drivers won't even worry when the road is wet, because the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tire reduce braking distances by more than 2 meters on wet roads.

Az video blog : Pastry Divas 4 Ps of Pastry- Chef Penk, Peachy, Pixie and Po for WOFEX 2013

Here's my video coverage of the 4 Ps of Pastry aka the Pastry Divas - Chef Penk, Peachy, Pixie and Po shared some info about their upcoming demo and also the highlights of World Food Expo 2013. Their appearance in one venue and one stage is a history in the making for the world of Philippine culinary.

Attend their demo this Aug 1 only at WOFEX 2013

World Food Expo 2013 blogcon
The 4 P’s of Pastry aka… Pasty Divas

World Food Expo 2013

more details at
and the competition details at and

Schedules of the Philippine Culinary Cup -

Seminar details -

Monday, July 29, 2013

Php600 deal at Deal Grocer, enjoy a Woo Galbi Korean House food worth Php1000

If you want to do more of your KPOP fandom elsewhere then I suggest you try this awesome Php 600 deal at Deal Grocer, its a coupon deal to get a worth of Php 1000 food in Woo Galbi Korean House, this is inline with their grand opening celebration.

World Food Expo 2013 at SMX and WTC this July 31-Aug 3, 2013

World Food Expo 2013
It’s another year of World Food Expo here in Manila and this is the biggest  food and beverage event in the Philippines celebrating their 13th year this 2013. The next WOFEX is on July 31-Aug 3, 2013 that will happen in two big venues for trade show and market – yup, that’s not a read it right… WOFEX 2013 will take place in SMX in SM Mall of Asia and also in World Trade Center. The trade show with 400 exhibitors usually take place in World Trade Center, while the seminar – WOFEX Market, WOFEX University and Philippine Culinary Cup will take place in SMX Convention Center.

I visited 8 food venues in one day last Saturday

8 food venues in one day
I signed up for this coffee tour, but the tour is more than just a coffee experience tour but it’s a day of food adventure for me. I woke up at 4am and thought that I can blog more on that hour and slept for 5 hours only. But the social media networks were so busy that time and I found myself chatting with some friends and also reading some articles online and some blogs, so I forgot about the time and left late at 6:30am of Saturday. I arrived in my 1st destination which is in Green Bean Coffee café inside Hotel H20 in Manila Ocean Park. It’s the 1st café that offers coffee that is 100% certified organic by the USDA, and it’s a new café that we should check out , because their branches and pop out café are growing. They have 10 branches nationwide and 4 more will be opened soon.
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