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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our first Kinder Joy–chocolate and toy surprise

I heard about Kinder Joy to a friend who do PR for this choco-toy brand, and I didn’t gave much attention lately about what he sent to me via online, because I’m too busy with many things and then I saw this Kinder Joy egg shaped thing sold at 7-11, it is priced at Php 45, then I read there the label and it said that the egg shape contains a chocolate goodie and a toy surprise.

Flu and injury

Bandage blogger hahhaa
This week is not my lucky day, last Wednesday, I slipped badly on a wet pavement at Mananasala bldg in Rockwell center, my butt and elbow landed on the floor and it was very painful. The security guard of the bldg helped me and I told him that I’m okay, but as I enter the elevator going to an event, I felt that pain from my arms. To forget the pain, I just laugh whenever I remember that I saw my two feet in the air, I’m glad that there’s no broken bones, landing on my arms and elbow is an instinct to me already, because I ride on inline skates when I was young, and the proper way to fall down is to land in your butt and arms and not from your palm.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogger problems in Flickr’s new photo experience–still no embed button–part 2

flick 2
I’m ranting again about Flickr’s new photo experience upgrade, and after 3 days, I saw that they are finally placing the links and buttons to their new UI, buttons for social network sharing is already present, but the embed link for blogs are not yet available. I hope they can fix this ASAP because I’m trapped within their PREVIEW stage and there’s no going back to the original UI.

Dinner at Sentro 1771 GB3

After a few weeks that I attended Sentro 1771’s launch of their new menu in Serendra, BGC, my wife and I decided to eat our dinner in Sentro 1771 in GB3, its our dating venue in the past when we are still in bf-gf mode hhaha. When we entered the restaurant, we always take a sit at the same spot and order the same food every dinner. But for this year, for a change, I told her that we should sit in a different table, the funny thing is that, we ordered the same food again hahaha.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekend event for kids, teens and adults who wants to discover the joyful secret behind surprises

I know everyone love having a surprise, and I'm sure kids love it too, they love surprises when you arrive at home then you pass them a box of plastic bag full of new toys or their favorite food, you can see that glow coming from their eyes and also the wow factor in their face, and for adults, the elements of surprise is one funny thing to see in their our face hahaha.

Wafu Japanese restaurant offers their 16 pcs. Sashimi platter at 50% off

Food discount alert!!! check out guys this awesome deal offered by Wafu, the premier Japanese style dining here in Manila. For sashimi and sushi fans, you must read this! because the original Php 2,000 price for a 16pcs sushi platter is now 50% off, Wafu brought this to us Japanese food lover fans for a limited time, if you are looking for a new dining experience, then I suggest you try Wafu.

Design Week Philippines: Everyday DESIGN this October 2013 October, Design Week Philippines brings a whirl of creative inspiration with another edition of sights, sounds, and textures featuring the country's very own creative identity. Together with Manila FAME and DeXign Global Philippines, Design Week Philippines presents an incredible roster of events and happenings that can only be summed up as Everyday DESIGN.
Design Week Philippines celebrates design in all its collective diversity. It is a gathering that brings together people from all walks of life. Design Week Philippines about honing and nurturing the creative mind and effecting change and milestones in life, society, and communities.
This October, Design Week Philippines is headlined by exciting features that encourages creative collaborations. With its new venue at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Design Week Philippines presents the Design Talks with new additions such as the Pop-up Market and Design Tours.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sentro 1771 launches their new menu this 2013

The best modern Filipino cuisine is served here in Sentro 1771, my first encounter years ago is a blast and I was introduced to their special Corned beef sinigang, Calderetang lamb, the Pumpkin flower salad and the yummy Sentro 1771 Halo Halo. But for this year, they are going for the next level to introduce more modern Filipino food concept with combination of French and Swiss style with our Filipino flavors.

My food adventure at Seafood Island’s National Boodle Day

Here’s my post and story about Seafood Island’s National Boodle Day, the national food event was organized by this restaurant last Sept 16, 2013 and it’s a part of their 1st year anniversary, inline with that, they offered a Php999 boodle meal for just one day. They invited me to join the celebration and I chose to eat and have my boodle fest there in SM MOA.

I was alone that time, and my friends will be celebrating their boodle fest in another branch of Sea Food Island, but I was in SM MOA that time and I have no time to travel back to Ortigas Center, and it will take more hours for me to arrive there, so thanks to Seafood Island for allowing me to celebrate there in their SM MOA branch.

Lace’s home made Chicken Rendang

This is the 2nd time my wife cooked a Chicken Rendang, the crave for rendang here at home started when I bought that rendang sauce in Dama Sheng store in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. It was like opening a new door to a new heaven and this food with a special rendang sauce must have a repeat appearance on our table. So when I revealed to my wife that I will be back in Malaysia, she told me that I should forget everything but not the rendang sauce.

Lace’s homemade Pata Tim

My wife started to show off here at home by cooking this Pata Tim in one hit hahaa, Mama was here at home and she’s impressed on how soft and tasty of our home made Pata tim, we ate this for our dinner and thanks to Lace for cooking this for us. She knows that Pata tim is one of my favorite food that I order whenever we eat in a Chinese restaurant. My last Pata tim, with delicious version of its kind, was in Kung Fu Kitchen, and I remember that we ate there during my birthday. Its one of my birthday request that we should put Pata Tim in our table for our lunch, because for me..its special. Cakes are no longer working for me, but if you have Pata Tim or a yummy Spaghetti with Ragu sauce, It will be the best meal ever in my life.

Lace’s home made Okonomiyaki

When I first tasted Okonomiyaki in 1999, I told myself that I want to die already ahahahaha. I first tasted it in a Japanese restaurant in SM Southmall, and then my next Okonomiyaki was in a restaurant in Little Tokyo, it was more better than the 1st, and I told myself that I don’t want to die yet and I want to eat more Okonomiyaki. It was just an accident that time that I was studying Japanese (reading and writing), and its funny that when I read the signage of that restaurant with lots of names of the food written in Hiragana, I suddenly read..ohhhh they have Okonomiyaki, I was with my band mate that night and I invite him to dine in with me.. man that was the best Okonomiyaki, I want to go back there again in Little Tokyo, that’s my comment after my last bite, but that didn’t even happen after 10 more years hahahaha

A 2nd visit to Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine restaurant (for a food photo shoot and another review)

Last year 2012, me and a bunch of Manila Bloggers were invited to check out this new restaurant in Ortigas ext. San Juan, MM. It’s a restaurant that serves authentic Hunan cuisine. we first featured this in our post last Oct 2012 - and you’ll see some blog post links of food features and review by our food blogger friends.

A Kimono Ken dinner during the heavy rain, flood and traffic

Last Thursday, October 10, 2013 was the worst day of my life for this year, I’ll start to get OA with it, because I got stuck in traffic for many hours and I travel all the way from Shaw Blvd-EDSA up to my home here in Cavite for 5 freaking hours, and the normal travel time is just 1 1/2 hour. The first plan that night is to have coffee with friends at CBTL in Shangri La Plaza and then the three of us blogger will attend a fashion event in Lopez Museum for that Freeway event and launch of a design fashion clothing in tribute to Juan Luna. I really want to attend that, but the heavy rain didn’t stop for the rest of the night and we got stranded inside the mall.

A visit in FamilyMart Glorietta

I mentioned earlier here in my blog about FamilyMart, that convenience store in Japan is now here in Manila. Their branches are only available in a location that is owned by Ayala-Rustan, well most of the branches are in Ayala owned malls. But I need to research more if there are other branches of FamilyMart that is outside the vicinity of Ayala property. (OK, I just researched that there’s a branch in Alphaland and in UP Town Center)

I just read this news that they are planning to put up 300 branches here in our country.

FamilyMart goodies at home! yay!

Few months ago, my wife went crazy when she learned about an opening of FamilyMart convenience store in The District Mall in Imus, Cavite, at first, I don’t know what it is and why she’s so busy googling and looking at some photos in a blog. Then she told me that FamilyMart is a Japanese convenience store that sells fresh food and also sushi. And I said.. “whoaaaa!” with a Keanu Reeves blank reaction, then she invited me to visit that store right away.

Desserts in Manila Hotel

Sorry guys, I just want to post this in my blog, because the desserts that was served to us at the buffet of Philippine Gems presscon in Manila Hotel are so yummy and beautifully presented at the buffet area. They glow like gold, all yellowish and bright. They are like jewelries glowing in front of my eyes and all I want to do is stare at it and wait til it moves and climb up to may plate. I took a bite of some sweets and its hard to resist to go back at the buffet again and take another serving of each desserts.

There’s Heineken beer in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro

There will be some changes in me whenever I will visit a CBTL Bistro in BGC or in Shangri La Plaza, because they now serve beer to their customers and this will bring big change to café customers who usually dine in to drink coffee and sandwiches, but here in CBTL 26th St. Bistro, a new restaurant concept that was first seen in BGC and now with their 2nd branch here in Shangri La Plaza, now offer a wide of food and drinks, not just a coffee and tea café anymore.

Breakfast at Apartment 1B: gourmet comfort food in Makati City

Awesome breakfast at Apartment 1B that’s my big plate of breakfast goodie, this is my first time to dine here in Apartment 1B and I’m still clueless on what food they offer here, it was around 9am (I think) that time when we meet up here with our food blogger friends and the team of Big Dish Foodie Card.
Apartment 1B Big Breakfast (Php 580)

Toy hunting season is now open: Thor Mjolnir hammer USB drive from Jollibee

Everyone in my timeline is going crazy after they saw this photo that I shared, it’s the Mjolnir hammer of Thor, inline with the upcoming movie Thor 2: The Dark World that will be showing this Oct 30, 213. Jollibee didn’t failed us, and now they bring the ultimate merchandise that is super exclusively available here in the Philippines!

Thanks to Bim of for sharing the news and being the first person to leaked this online before the main launch nationwide. He said that the USB drive with 1 GB space can be acquired for only Php 95 when you order that Cheese bacon mushroom Champ of Jollibee.. Who cares about the burger….but we want only that mini hammer! hahahahahahaa (Loki laugh)

Toy hunting season is now open: Doreamon Happy Meal toys in McDonalds

More toy hunting madness this Wednesday!!! This Doraemon toy already slipped into my toy radar, and thanks to my wife for the idea that we should buy some french fries and a Happy Meal toy for our son, Ashton, but then I didn’t even saw any poster or toy figure of Doraemon in a McDonalds store here in our area, but then I realized that all toy designs are SOLD OUT!!! wahhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PR: Globe in Visayas after Quake


here's a news from Globe Telecom about the status of their network in Visayas region after the earthquake early this morning.

Globe Telecom's network in the Visayas region did not sustain any significant damage from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the region Tuesday morning based on the initial assessment made by its local network personnel. "Our network continues to be operational to provide critical telecommunication services for rescue and relief operations affected by the earthquake," said Robert Tan, Globe Chief Technical Adviser. Initial reports showed key Globe facilities in Lahug, Talisay,Abacus, San Remegio, Dauin, Cadiz, Iloilo, Roxas, Ormoc and Tacloban incurred no damage and are fully operational. Still, power outage in earthquake-damaged areas like Tagbilaran in Bohol may adversely affect operations in some of the company's base stations,Tan said. Store operations in Cebu and Bohol have been temporarily suspended as employees were evacuated. Tan emphasized that continuous site damage assessment is being conducted in all sites hit by the earthquake as a standard operating procedure. He added efforts undertaken by the company to further strengthen our resiliency and redundancy program have made Globe network disaster-ready. Globe Telecom will provide network advisories as necessary.

Blogger problems–don’t try Flickr’s preview of their new photo experience

Flickr is now having a new UI for viewing a photo in your photostream or friend’s stream. They have a new panel that appears at the right side of the photo and displays a description of the photo and some buttons – like Star rating, comments count, embed button and delete (if you are in your own account).

My problem is that I clicked an invitation from Flickr to try and view the new photo experience of their new UI, but when I start to work on some blog post, I noticed that the embed button is not working, the new UI is half bake and the embed service is not present as of now, I started to look for the opt out button for the preview, but I can’t find it.

2013 Coca-Cola Glasses Collection now available in McDonalds Philippines

The new edition of Coca Cola glasses this 2013 are finally available in McDonalds, I’m sure collectors and fans of Coca Cola and McDonalds are now getting wild after they read this news online. A certain wave of collectible and 2013 limited edition Coca Cola glasses are waiting for you in every branches of McDonalds around the Philippines. As for the collectible thing, I don’t know which color will be the best seller, but my bet is that the color purple will ran out first, because its one of the most colorful glass from the set.

A photo set of Adobo in different cooking style @ SM Hypermarket Brgy Cooking Challenge 2013

Last September 16, 2013 was the 1st leg of the SM Hypermarket Barangay Cooking Challenge, I visited the shopping center that day and I saw lots of Adobo food at around of 40+ displayed in a big table. The audience of the cook off challenge are the contest participants itself, they waited for the judges to arrive and see them taste their home made Adobo food. Some of the Adobo food that I saw here are common, but there are some that are unique and it could be under the experimental stage, trying a luck that their recipe can be the next favorite Adobo meal here in our country.

32 year old Girl from Butuan City won Php150,000 as sole survivor of Star Movies 4th annual movie marathon event

I remember that I got an invitation to join the 1st annual movie marathon event of Star Movies in the past, but I back out because I can't take the bathroom break and I might end up having a kidney failure again, yes, I got hospitalized during my youthful years for a week for a kidney operation. Star Movies big event is back again for their annual movie marathon that is always held in Newport Cinema every year, the participants this year really got a healthy kidney and got the guts to watch a movie for 16 hours without a bathroom break. OMG! That is totally hard core for a movie fan. But if the prize money is good, I'm sure there's a big chance to win it. From the last 3 years of the movie marathon competition, almost 20-25 people won the money prize, they will just divide the cash prize and that will result for a minimal share to each other.

Pinoy Hoops - a National Geographic Channel documentary about basketball obsession in the Philippines

Rebels 2
Pinoy Hoops is a new 3-part documentary mini series about basketball in the Philippines, it will show why we love the sport and how Filipinos live with the sport. The new series will premiere in National Geographic Channel on October 21, 2013 at 9pm. The docu is not just an ordinary docu, it is also a video diary of Rafe Bartholomew, the author of the best-selling book "Pacific Rim", its not about mecha or robots fighting giant monsters, but this one came first and its all about his investigation why we Filipinos are so obsessed with basketball. The documentary is like the book itself, but its a different version because he will explore around the country and visit remote places that has the weirdest and unique basketball court. We Filipinos do find ways to exercise our freedom for sport, and if you watch the 1st episode of Pinoy Hoops you will get some wow from it because there's a story behind every basketball court that are put up in every corner of the city and province here in the Philippines.

Monday, October 14, 2013

IBM Extends Smarter Cities Challenge Program to 2014

Quezon City, Philippines -- Oct 11, 2013: IBM announced recently that it is extending the Smarter Cities Challenge competitive grants program, which funds the deployment of IBM's top talent to perform pro bono problem solving in municipalities worldwide.

IBM is now encouraging regional governing bodies -- not only cities -- to also apply for grants that will fund consultative engagements with IBM experts in 2014.

Concert/ Live Event Photography Workshop by Bubuy Balangue

Singer Studio, which is now on its seventh year, is more known for its customized voice lessons, being the first in the country, than anything else . Its head teacher, Jojo Acosta, Rivermaya's official voice coach, has made one-on-one lessons the norm, so as to provide personalized sessions to the varying skills and preferences of his students.
To further support music enthusiasts, Singer Studio has recently begun its workshop series on ways to earn in the industry. With capable experts mentoring the participants, each workshop is focused on imparting useful knowledge which they could use to jumpstart a career in that field.

The Tap Room Bar of Manila Hotel - re-launched and newly renovated gentleman's watering hole in Manila

Last October 9, 2013 was the re-launch of The Tap Room bar of Manila Hotel. I’m not familiar with this bar before, I visited Manila Hotel many times in the past but I never heard about this bar. I think the re-launch is like bringing back the old bar’s energy and now ready to face the new generation of bar goers. I’m not sure also what was the scene here before and after the re-launch, they now say that the Tap Room bar is a new gentleman’s watering hole in Manila.

6-3-0 Manila Hotel room rates promo–stay for two days and get one day stay for free!


Since I’m blogging about Manila Hotel for the day, I will include now their room rates promo. Their 6-3-0- promo will entitle the hotel guest to stay for a day in Manila Hotel’s Grand Deluxe room for only Php 6,000 per night (original rates are around Php 9,000), then for the 2nd day stay you can pay only Php3,000 for another night and then the 3rd day stay is already FREE!

Manila Hotel staycation part 3 (final) –breakfast at Café Ilang Ilang and time for check out

This is our day 2 and the last day here in Manila Hotel, My plan is to wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast and take a dive into the hotel’s pool, but the weather is not yet okay and there’s some strong wind and rain fall, so I started to cross out that idea to swim for a while.

Manila Hotel staycation part 2: Red Masquerade ball at Maynila Room of Manila Hotel

Red Friday night was the theme of the day and everyone who are at Manila Hotel we’re all dressed up in red. My wife bought a new dress for this occasion and me…I failed to buy a new polo because I got stuck traffic for 5 hours last Thursday and here I am, all set up and the Air Asia polo shirt just did the trick to blend in at Manila Hotel’s Red Masquerade ball. It’s really a night to remember for me and to my wife, because for the first time ever in our lives, we dance on the floor together with classic music and some mambo tunes.

Manila Hotel staycation part 1- the room and the tv inside the bathroom

We finally tried Manila Hotel for an overnight staycation. Its one of my dreams to stay here in Manila Hotel, because its the most iconic and historical hotel here in our country, and this hotel stood still during the world war 2 and it witnessed all the action and destruction of half of Manila during those war times. Me and my wife stayed here last weekend and this was a part of a junket activity that we participated for one night. There’s this red masquerade ballroom party and we were invited to attend and dance all the way with 70’s and 80’s music, me and our blogger friends got a taste of Manila Hotels’ standard room and its vintage ambiance. Many mentions that Manila Hotel is old, yes it is old and it is the oldest hotels here in Manila.

A return lunch at Makan Makan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park

This post is like a day zero of our Manila Hotel staycation, we ate our lunch here first in Makan Makan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park, it’s the only establishment that is near to Manila Hotel, so we picked this place for our luncheon. We chose to eat here after we found out that some restos and fast food are already closed in Manila Ocean Park, but there are new ones that occupied the opposite side of the ocean park, the new ones are affordable and with simple meals, but we don’t want to eat that, we want a food that something will satisfy our tasty needs, and because that I came from Malaysia few weeks ago, I told my wife there might be some good Malaysian or Singaporean food there at Makan Makan. The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of the ocean park, and its under H20 Hotel, I remember that we ate our breakfast here when we stayed overnight in H20 Hotel during its opening.

Makan Makan offers a hawker style of Malaysian and Singaporean food, if you want to taste some spicy and peanutty flavor, I suggest you visit this place.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival on October 18-20, 2013 at the MarQuee Park, Angeles City

Prrrttttt!!!! Food Fest alert!!! Food Fest alert!! Check out this BIG BITE! The biggest and first ever Northern Food Festival here in the Philippines, the big bite event will be on October 18,19 and 20, 2013 and this will be held at the Marquee Park in Angeles City, Pampanga. A total of 100 food booths and original Filipino cuisine from the North side of Luzon, Philippines will be here at the food capital of the Philippines – Pampanga.
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