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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Experimenting virtual 360 degrees photo: Tayabas Church: Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel

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Another experiment for virtual 360 degree view. Featuring the Tayabas Church, also known as, The Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel. I've been here for many time, and I also took some panoramic shots in the past, and I love the circular view of the the aisle and altar of the church.

Experimenting virtual 360 degrees photo - Starbucks 2014 planner launch at 6750

click the photo above to view the photo

Here's another sample of my virtual 360 degree experiment, featuring the Starbucks 2014 planner launch event at Starbucks 6750.

Experimenting virtual 360 degree photo - Tayabas Municipal Cemetery - Undas 2013

click the photo above to view 360 degree photo

This is my first 360 degree photo experiment. Featuring the tomb of our grandparents at Tayabas Municipal Cemetery. I was there yesterday for the observance of the "All Souls Day" event.

I stitched two panoramic photo and then later on I converted them into one 360 degree photo, it just pan from left to right and vice versa. Use the mouse to control the movement of your view and scroll the mouse scroll to zoom in and zoom out of the picture.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Undas 2013: bus to Manila and choose your pasalubong

This is a mobile blog post

Bus will leave for Manila at 6pm, i think i will arrive home at around 12am tonight.

Also i hoarded lots of pasalubong
Omg!! Puto seko, merenge, pinagong, budin, tamales, pancit lucban and etc

Im excited to be home later

Bye lucena and tayabas!

Undas 2013: snacks time in Buddys resto

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I walked from the cemetery up to the main town and I realized that Tayabas is really a small town.

Before going back home, i took a rest here in buddys resto and i ordered a pancit lucban, good for three person hahhah thats the minimal serving size available, so i have no choice but to order this for my merienda

Tara lets eat again!

Undas 2013: a visit in Tayabas church

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I went back here to docu the condition of the church. After entering, im shocked to see that the ceiling is already decaying and the artwork is already gone. They repaired it by placing new wood for the ceiling. The main ceiling of the altar is still okay, but its also being renovated

Christmas food and items in Starbucks Philippines this November-December 2013

Here’s the list of the Christmas food and items available for the month of November and December 2013 in Starbucks Philippines. All items are now available in all branches nationwide. There are new beverage featured for this holiday season, new food, cakes and returning favorites for this year. I’m sure some of you miss the old time favorites every Christmas, now here’s your chance to grab a bite or take home these holiday sweet and munchies.

Soiree Beaujolais – Streets of Paris at The Tent City, Manila Hotel on November 21

Soiree Beaujolais 2013 will be held in Manila Hotel's Tent City on November 21, 2013, its annual festival brought here by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines. This event is celebrated in the French region of Beaujolais in every 3rd Thursday of November. The event is also inline with the launch of Beaujolais Nouveau, an upcoming wine brand that came from the Beaujolais Region.

One of the fest highlights is to bring a 2-3 months old wine. I haven't try that yet and also not yet attended a French culture fest here in Manila, so I'm very confused about it. I failed to attend the launch few weeks ago, they explained everything about the nature of their annual festival,but a little wikipedia helped me understand about their festival.

Undas 2013: in Tayabas Municipal Cemetery

Im now here in my grandparents tomb. Sad news.. Looters destroyed tomb again, but this time they didn't steal anything. Bec my grandma who died in 1972, doesnt wear any jewelry when she was buried here. The damn looters took a chance again to destroy lots of tombs here in Tayabas.

I called my sis via Tango app video conference and she saw the situation here

Thanks to Mang Baldo for taking care again these tombs. Thanks to his daughter Angeline for the coordination with me.

Starbucks Philippines 2014 planner - a close up look and how to get one for FREE

The 11th edition of the Starbucks planner is now here!!! perfect for the coming 2014 and this year the theme for the planner is “Coffee Perfection”. According to Starbucks Philippines – “Coffee perfection begins with the journey of coffee, from the farmer to the buyer, roaster and barista. Each and every bean has a story that is unraveled by many pairs of caring hands before it becomes part of your perfectly handcrafted cup of coffee. Every turn of a page tells the story of how your cup of coffee has journeyed and was crafted perfectly for you. “

Undas 2013: caridenderia food is more yummy in the Philippines

This is a mobile blog post

Hhahahah! Tara lets eat!

There are plenty of carinderia stalls here at the terminal of Lucena, its hard to choose the food, but i got attracted to the smell of nilagang baka (boiled cows meat) and calderetang baka

Nilaga baka price php 50
Calderetang baka price php 40
Two rice price php 20

Carinderia food is more yummy in the Philippines!

Happy lunch everyone

Btw im using Smart rocket pocket wifi
And iphone4s in mobile blogging

Undas 2013: on the way to Tayabas, Quezon

Travel solo this time, I arrived here in Jac liner terminal at 8am. My initial plan was to leave Manila at 5am, but i decided to get more sleep just to make sure that im not too sleepy while traveling by bus

Im glad that theres wifi here in a Jac liner bus, they also show a movie - zombie flick starring Brad Pitt

Theres a girl here in the bus giving away free Jack n Jill waffles, its s free sample of their new product

Time to roll
I will be in Lucena at around lunch time

See you later!!

Im testing out this mobile blog post caption on each photos

This is a mobile blog post

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grave gold thieves destroyed my grandparents tomb in Tayabas, Quezon part 2

My first post was last year 2012 -, I’m posting an update here about what happened to my grandparent’s tomb that was destroyed by looters, their initial motive is to steal jewelries, gold teeth, metals in casket and knee bones.

The knee bones are being sold as amulet to old people,but I’m sure many of the looters target metal objects, because they can sell it to junk shops, they use the dirty money in buying illegal drugs, I learned about this after our tomb care taker Mang Kaldo texted us and reported to us the incident, and
I told them to repair it immediately, and after 6 days we visited the site and there I learned that drug addicts from outside the town are the main suspects. No suspects were caught after the incident, because all illegal activities occur at night.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Micro 4/3 add on goodies! - my wish list

I've been scrolling around the website of Filters Exchange and I saw that they have lots of add on accessories for the micro 4/3 camera system. I got an interest to purchase some and I will acquire these one by one. Its so hard to get add ons for micro 4/3 here in the country, but I'm glad that we have Filters Exchange.

I’m still searching for more stores that sell micro 4/3 add ons, in the past I saw two popular gadget store that sells lots of Olympus micro 4/3 accessories but then after the shutdown, they build up their own shopping website and almost all Olympus stuff are already removed from their list.

I f you know a store that sells micro 4/3 goodies, just let me know by posting a comment below

Project 360 degrees Manila

Raffle Hotel Manila - pool area

click the photo above to view the photo

I finally found the right tools, but its only a 360 degrees panoramic photo stitched to rotate in 360 degrees angle. Photo above is only a 180 degrees. I will go out today to capture more 360 degrees panoramic photo. Let's see if this will be a helpful content here in my blog.

what do you think?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Masuki beef noodles–dinner after the Philippine Fashion Week 2013

In every coverage that I do in a fashion show of Philippine Fashion Week 2013, there’s no available time for me to eat a snack, because my time is very precious in every fashion brand’s presentation, I attend there as a blogger and photographer, and I always stay there at the photographers area and not sitting down at the audience area.
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