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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience part 3

Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience 3
Aug 9 – Yesterday, I went to the new terminal again, it was holiday and I expect that there might be few commuters in there, but I saw that there’s a long line in every station. After my appointment in BGC again, I rode the taxi going to SM MOA, because I want to ride the shuttle there and try to avoid the new terminal bec. I don’t want to walk again inside the haunted mall.

It was traffic in Pasay Edsa, and I suspect that the Victory Liner there are causing the massive traffic that starts to build up all the way to Magallanes, so I told the taxi driver to just take me to the new terminal and instead of wasting our time in crawling traffic in Pasay EDSA.

Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience part 2

Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience 2
Aug 8 – Last Thursday, I went to BGC for another event coverage and this time I dropped off at the new Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal in Coastal mall in Paranaque City. I have no choice but to take the new bus scheme. There’s some jeepneys that travels to Baclaran, but I’m not very comfortable in taking the jeep during day time.

my adventure starts here when I rode the bus coming from Cavite and all buses will stop at the end of the Coastal road.

Friday, August 09, 2013

NBA 2k Manager in closed beta test with 1,000 players online

And then...I suddenly joined the basketball game hahaha. Its a NBA basketball simulation game on the web. I just signed up and I'm player 401. Its just a simple game with no animated activity, I just remembered that all-text legion games that I play online with my brother. The closed beta test started last Aug 7, 2013.

here's a sample of gameplay - that's my team Merryland

read the announcement here.

KakaoTalk, Korea’s no. 1 mobile social app is now in the Philippines!

 Before I post my own comment and review of Kakao talk, and my story for the meet up with the Kakao Talk team, let me share here first some cool info about this messaging app.

  • KakaoTalk, Korea’s no. 1 mobile social app, launches in the Philippines today!
  • KakaoTalk is endorsed by Philippines’ pop princess Sarah Geronimo and Korea’s phenomenal boy band Big Bang.

A list of Thrillathon events of Resorts World Manila From Aug-Nov 2013

Resorts World Manila - Thrillathon 2013
Whatever month or year, the thrill never stops in Resorts World Manila. They are now offering a lot of events and activities for the rest of the month til November, because RWM will be 4 years old this November and a big 3 and 1/2 month celebration will take place everyday here at RWM. Exciting live entertainment shows from our OPM friends will be there every weekend to offer free admission live shows at the Newport Mall Plaza at 7:30PM, and the launch of their upcoming 4th production – Cinderella, exclusive screenings, super cheap movie price, mall wide sale and many more.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Az video blog: Resorts World Manila Thrillathon 2013

Its 3 months away before the big 4th birthday of Resorts World Manila, but before we wait for the big bang and the non stop thrill at RWM, they are presenting to us first the non stop flow of events and live shows starting this month in RWM.

I have recorded above a sample teaser of the things to come in RWM, the video came from the press con event and launch of the upcoming THRILLATHON @ Resorts World Manila.

Resorts World Manila - Thrillathon 2013

Ramen!!! in Tokyo Tokyo restaurants

I just saw this in an Instagram post by earthlngorgeous and went0t   I discovered from their gram post that there's ramen already in Tokyo Tokyo, or maybe I just didn't noticed it in the past that they have ramen.

Not sure, but this one is new... they call it Tokyo Tokyo Ramen bar with 3 kinds of ramen --

Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken and Tempura Miso Ramen according to @wentot 
and then Earth said that each ramen is priced at Php150.

I hope its available here in SM Bacoor, because of this.. we will go there now to eat this ramen!
omg..if meron ramen dito,bibili na ko lagi

Trying out the new Provincial bus scheme in Coastal via Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal

I tried taking the bus yesterday on the way to BGC, I prayed for some good luck that I won't be stuck in traffic in Baclaran, you know that yesterday was Wednesday, it means its Baclaran church day - there's traffic infront of the church and also lots of private vehicles blocking the other side of the road, that prevents the bus and public transport to drop off the passengers there, so instead, they drop off the passengers along the highway - that gives big traffic for a bit of 20-30 minutes depends on the flow of vehicles in Baclaran-Roxas Blvd. Also one big problem that I tried to face is the new provincial bus scheme that was launched last Tuesday, all provincial bus coming from Cavite and Batangas will have their last stop only at the end of the Coastal road highway, this opened up a new terminal in Coastal mall, the new terminal is called - "Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal" (SITT).

Starbucks Rewards Card launch party in Glorietta

Starbucks Reward Card launch @ Glorietta - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Congratulations to Starbucks Philippines for launching their rewards card for their loyalty customers, a card that can transform our visit to their stores into rewards. The launch was held in Glorietta event center, it’s the new event center and it’s my first time to stay there to attend an event and also cover it here for my card. Lots of Starbucks fans went there to celebrate the success of the new card launch and also win some goodies by participating in some activity booths. Starbucks also offered a challenge and they gave away free 100 cards for the 1st 100 people who lined up at the event gate. Lucky win!

I think this is the 1st ever grand event of Starbucks after so many years.. tama ba ?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dockers launches fall and holiday collection 2013

FH13 41
Khaki in clothing fashion is common in men, because during our youngling years we already wearing them as our school uniforms, military training uniforms and jackets. But the Dockers fashion is also familiar because it’s the 1st clothing brand for men that is very memorable for me, my dad is a big fan of Dockers and I just learned how to appreciate the brand by following his steps in wearing their pants and polo shirts. Today, I just encountered Dockers again, and it’s a trip to memory lane for me when the male fashion models showed to us the different kinds of designs of Dockers for their new fall and holiday collection 2013.

tips and info: Starbucks Reward Card is here in the Philippines!–turn your visits into rewards

Starbucks Rewards Card launched in the Philippines
Here’s my Starbucks Reward Card that I got from the launch event last night in Starbucks drive thru in BGC, it’s a magical card that can transform your Starbucks visit into a STAR reward or points when you purchase a handcrafted drink, or a 250g whole bean coffee, or a 12-pack of Starbucks VIA brew, when you complete a set of STARS like 12 stars of beverage or 10 stars of whole bean coffee or 10 stars of Starbucks VIA, each complete set of Stars will reward you a FREEBIE! – a free grande handcraft beverage, a 250g whole bean or a free 12-pack Starbucks VIA. And get a free slice of Birthday cake with candle on the a birth date when you visit the store, the freebie can be redeemed  after you purchased a drink.

It’s a reward card or a loyalty card for fans and loyal customers of Starbucks.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Finally.. Watami Ramen on my table

Watami Ramen (Php 395)
with pork slices and special pork broth

Finally!!! I got a chance to taste Watami's ramen, you know that I'm not very satisfied during my 1st two visit here in Watami, but trying out a new food here in their Glorietta 1 branch, I finally found another love - which is the ramen! I knew it that their ramen will never disappoint me, but now for my next visit I will just order their other ramens.

Krispy Kreme opens new branch in SM City Bacoor

Oh check it out!! there's a KK branch in our neighborhood. I'm not surprised when I saw the big banner, but I got this tip few months ago from an insider that Krispy Kreme will open a new branch here in SM City Bacoor, they just occupied the old location of Dunkin Donuts. But don't worry, for all Dunkin Donuts fans, they moved to a new location and thats infront of National Bookstore, they got a nice set up too.

What is a Starbucks Reward card ? - launching tonight

I'm not sure if this is the 1st ever reward card for Starbucks Coffee here in the Philippines, or it could be the only rewards card for Starbucks, but all of my questions will be answered later at the launching event tonight. Starbucks Coffee will launch their own reward card..

Amici restaurant’s line up of new food, pasta and pizza this 2013

Amici - new food this July 2013 - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Italian food are so many and its hard to read and even remember those cuisine, because its Italian, I just sometimes give them my own name for the food, or if ever I’m in an Italian restaurant, I just dig my memory the last food that I have tried before and will order it next. I heard of Amici back in the past with some of my friends who studied in Don Bosco, but then I got a chance to try it when I got invited to try it in one of their branch in QC and then a friend invited me to try it also in SM Megamall branch of Amici. The best of Amici is that it is an authentic Italian food with an awesome affordable price.

My first taste of Azuthai Restaurant in Milkyway bldg in Pasay Road Makati

Azuthai restaurant in Makati
I just experienced an awesome Thai food fest here at Azuthai Restaurant, I haven’t tried this resto before and it is listed in one of my must try resto for Thai food. I have tried another Thai resto before but I love more the food here in Azuthai.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Az video blog: Penshoppe FanCon 2013 with Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok

If you missed the Penshoppe Fancon 2013 of Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok, you can watch the highlights of the event and also interview with the two Thai celebs here in my video blog coverage.
for photos and my report, just visit

Penshoppe FanCon 2013 with Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Baifern Pimchanok and Mario Maurer for Penshoppe

Wake up! its Popcorn Mondays events at iAcademy in Makati every Monday of August-September

Monday is a start of a busy weekday, you know that there are times that we wake up in the morning every Monday with a part of weekend hang over still left in us, sometimes we find ways just to give a little CPR to our creative juices, my technique is that I go out and meet new people, observe the action around me, walk alone around Manila, or just read a newspaper just to get new ideas and pump my brain in order for me to move on for my project.

photo coverage: Penshoppe FanCon 2013 with Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok

part 2 Mario and Baifern for Penshoppe - photo by Azrael Coladilla
I’m very happy with the turn out of my photo coverage from the Penshoppe Fan Conference 2013 with Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok, the event was held at SM Mall of Asia Atrium event center, in front of the Penshoppe store. I ‘ve prepared for this few days ago and I make sure that this is in my schedule haha. It’s fun covering this event and I super miss the screaming fans and also hyper-ness of energy when Mario Maurer goes up on stage again, but for this year, for his 3rd or maybe 4th return here in Manila, Philippines, he came back with the beautiful Thai actress Baifern Pimchanok, she is also the co-star and leading of the 2010 Thai love story movie “A Little Thing called Love”.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

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