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Saturday, August 24, 2013

After a fashion event, we ate our dinner in Xin Wang Hong Kong Café in SM MOA

Aug 3, 2013 – “Guys, tara let’s eat dinner” – said to me and to Sai, then mentioned “where tayo mag dinner?”, then I said to them “ tara let’s eat at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, sa baba lang sya ng SM MOA”, these was our short conversation after that Penshoppe fashion event in SM MOA, we decided to take a break and celebrate an awesome coverage we did for that event over a nice dinner meal. Then I learned that the two blogger friends with me haven’t tried Xin Wang Hong Kong Café before, I told them its affordable and the food is great. They said Ok! let's go!

Dockers promo: 25% off in Alpha Khaki and Top from Aug 2-Sept 1, 2013

Dockers fall and holiday collection 2013
If you want to own the new holiday and fall collection 2013 of Dockers' Alpha Collection, I suggest you take the advantage of their 25% off offer when you purchase an Alpha Khaki and Top in one single purchase and receipt transaction. The promo will go for a last run this Sept 1, 2013.

Q Bistro–revisiting this resto with techies and foodies

Aug. 14, 2013 – When I heard that Creative Labs will have a tech event here in Q Bistro, I replied with a double yes, because I love both brands, the tech brand and also the resto Q Bistro. If you remember, I posted a blog feature about their brunch buffet and the delicious Adobo sa Mangga dish, one of the best seller here in Q Bistro, you can read my feature here at

Bibingkinitan! Café in SM City Bacoor

July 28, 2013 – My eyes are totally locked to a view of a bibingka, I super love bibingka and it started when I tasted the yummy Bibingka sold here in the village during Christmas, I’m not a fan before of this baked bread like muffin with cheese and salted egg, but thanks to Bibingkinitan! kiosk in SM Hypermarket Pasig, were I first tasted their bibingka, my world suddenly changed and I started to love bibingka in its diffferent form and taste.

Basta ba bibingka..panalo na sa akin!

Miso-Ten set meals for your excellent cravings for tempura, gyoza and tori kaage

Aug. 13, 2013 – There are times that I crave for ramens, tempura and even the smell of a miso soup. But the cravings will never stop unless you fulfill your food desires by visiting your favorite resto. Here in Miso-Ten Ramen and Tempura restaurant, they are now offering a one of kind set meals for your excellent cravings.

Usually, when we order food in a Japanese restaurant, there are times that we still want more food and we always order for an additional food. I noticed that from my wife who orders multiple Japanese food in our table. I’m glad that Japanese food are so heavy in our stomach, that’s why it didn’t get the same joke in America like that Chinese food always makes them hungry after eating it.

My Shakey’s fail event landed me a visit to Kowloon House in QC

August 14, 2013 – I will never forget this date, bec. the event of Shakey’s were cancelled and I wasn’t informed about it. Imagine travelling from the South province side and going to the busy street of QC for hours, and you’ll know that no one’s coming bec. the event is cancelled. Just to take away that stress I walked out of that resto and decided to check out that Kowloon House in West Ave. QC.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A visit to the haunted hospital in Clark Air Base

I’m posting a separate blog featuring the haunted Clark Air Base Hospital, we went there last week for the a press screening of “I Wouldn’t Go in There”, a new series from National Geographic Channel Asia, this new series is available only in Asia, and it will premiere tomorrow night Aug 23, 2013 at 9pm in Natgeo channel, you can read my blog post about the series here at

You can also read there some of the weird experienced we had when we stayed there for almost 1 1/2 hours.

Haunted Clark Air Base Hospital– I really wouldn’t go in there! (Natgeo blog post)

Haunted Clark Air Base Hospital feat. in Natgeo’s new series “I Wouldn’t Go in There” this Aug 23, 2013 at 9pm

I joined the press screening for the new series of National Geographic Channel titled “I Wouldn’t Go in There”, the location of our press screening is inside the haunted Clark Air Base Hospital, located in Angeles City, Pampanga. Can you imagine, that we watched a scary series of Natgeo inside a haunted place, and the 1st episode for the new series is the haunted hospital. After that experience, I can say that “I really wouldn’t go in there…ever again” why ? because its haunted by ghost and we experienced lots of eerie things, from ghostly whispers, pssstt calls, shadow figure, and some tech difficulties we felt that gave us a lot of scare. And I can say that this press screening is a lot more spookier than watching a premiere night of a movie of The Conjuring.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Press Release: Zest Air offers to airlift relief goods for free

To help flood victims in the National Capital Region and its nearby provinces, Zest Air is accepting free airlift of relief goods to Metro Manila. Interested charitable organization, non-profit, socio-civic or religious groups may avail of this service by sending an e-mail to Zest Air head of cargo team Ernest Bernal at
Relief goods should be packed in boxes with a list of items, their estimate value, size and weight in kilos including the complete contact details of their counterpart NGO or consignee.

New cemented sidewalks and some improvements–Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience 5

New cemented sidewalks and some improvements–Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience 5
August 16. 2013 – I guess this might be my last post for the series about the Southweste Integrated Transport Terminal. But I will blog more if ever I see more improvements and also bad experiences there at the SITT Terminal.

I’m happy for the new developments there at SITT terminal, and after 6 days of my rant about the muddy passenger’s walkway, they now started to repair the sidewalk and brought up a cemented walkway for us commuters. More pogi points to you MMDA!

Trying the city bus terminal for the 1st time - Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience part 4

Trying the city bus terminal for the 1st time - Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal experience part 4
August 10, 2013 - Last Aug 10, I experienced riding the city bus at the new Southwest Integrated Transport Terminal in Coastal mall, I already tried riding the bus here going home in Cavite and also drop by here via the bus and took a cab at the other side of the road.

I have never tried riding the city bus going to Manila, or going to Pasay MRT, I heard that there are bus now going to Fairview area, taking the Manila road passing Quirino and Lawton, that’s good news to us,but I’m not sure how many bus that are available bound to Fairview area that takes Manila road as their route. Most bus that I saw at the city bus terminal are ordinary bus or bus with no aircon, and most bus there are taking Leveriza-Ayala area going to the North, or buses that takes EDSA as their launch pad to scrap the pavement going to the North.

Under the Tropical Storm Maring in Cavite–flood areas and shopping for supplies in SM

typhoon maring
August 20, 2013 - Every tropical storm and typhoon we are always prepared for the things to come when a massive rain and flood hit our area in Cavite, but this tropical storm Maring is so different and we just learned that the rain he gave for 2 1/2 days are equal to a massive amount of rain for one month and we just experienced that here only in Cavite. You can check out the news report of the rain fall here --

“During the habagat deluge in 2012, rainfall at Sangley Point reached 354.2 mm in the 24 hours ending 8 a.m. on August 7, 2012, according to PAGASA weather division head Robert Sawi.
In contrast, rainfall at the same location for the same period on August 20, 2013, reached 475.4 mm. This is even more than the average expected rainfall for the entire month, or 457.4 mm.” – GMA News

With big rains coming in the city of Cavite for almost 3 days, our nearby towns are super flooded and we in the middle are stranded and there’s no way out of the city if you plan to go to Manila and if you go to Manila you’ll get a welcome greeting from big floods and also traffic jams.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The F-Stops now! A 5-Day Screening on the Life and Work of Modern Photography Masters

here's an interesting event free for everyone! esp. for photography enthusiasts, I just spotted this in my Facebook event page, and I think its great to share this info and event details for everyone. I'm super interested to drop by, I'm just familiar with the name "
Henri-Cartier Bresson", and I'm interested to know more about him and also other photographers.

The walking fruit store

We were walking here in the village going to the bakery when I spotted this fruit vendor in a side car bicycle, I saw that he sell lots of avocado and rambutan fruits. I got attracted and bought 1/2 a kilo of the two fruits.

I’m not good in picking the best fruits, but I remember that I need it for my body. That’s why I bought and will try these fruits if they are good. The vendor told me that the avocados are already ripe and ready to eat it.

Share a glimpse of your world, join World Photography Day 2013 from Aug 19-25

Philippines! Tara lets! join na!

I almost forgot about the global online celebration of World Photography Day, this is been celebrated since 2009 and then launched as an collaborated online exhibit on 2010, I joined the 2010 first World Photography Day and then followed by 2011 WPD, but then I failed to join last year 2012, I just don't remember where I am that day and failed to submit my photo of my world. But this year 2013, I'm glad that they already opened the submission and accept entries from Aug 19-25, 2013, this will give me more time to prepare and show to everyone what my world is.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Swensen’s the ultimate sundae experience in SM MOA

Its my third time here in Swensen’s SM MOA and after our viist in WOFEX 2013, I brought my wife here to have a little break and also try their awesome sundaes. It’s her first time here at Swensen’s and I always tell her that the sundaes here are good! and after a year of curiosity, we are finally here!

Aling Tonya’s Seafood Paluto in Baclaran

I heard of the seaside mini restos in coastal road when I was young, my parents always go there for a side trip and eat during midnight times and then they will bring home lobsters cooked in Szechuan style, my mom told me that they bought it in a paluto resto in seaside, and its located near the sea in coastal road, right after Baclaran. Manila Bay is not that polluted those years ( late 80’s and early 90’s), but then I heard that the paluto in seaside transferred to a new area, which is located in Baclaran, they moved there because Manila Bay started to stink and its not healthy already eating a good food with a foul smell coming from the sea, that’s the time when Manila Bay started to die, thanks to garbage pollution.

My RC Cola story - long travel and cola thirst

Anyone heard of RC Cola, I’m sure this brand of cola is already been encountered by many people already, whenever brand X is out then we can shift to brand Y, its not the usual 2nd choice but for other people its their first choice of cola. It’s a bit weird that I thought that RC Cola is a local brand that is surviving for many years beating brand X and other cola brands with alphanumeric initials and funny titles, but I noticed that RC Cola is still here, and everywhere. I also noticed that they printed on their label that the cola is established since 1905 in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Okay that explains that it is an imported brand bottled here in the Philippines.

World Food Expo 2013–my photo coverage

Aug 2, 2013 – We got a time to visit the the 13th World Food Expo 2013 in SMX last Aug 2, it was the 3rd day of the food expo and the only schedule we have is Saturday, and that’s a day before the last day of the food expo. I went there to cover it for the 1st time and I’m with my blog partner-my wife, we got lucky that we scored some complimentary pass and an all access ID of the WOFEX 2013, the event is taking place in two kinds of venue - in SMX and also in World Trade Center. Our plan that day is to visit both venues, but we got tired after strolling around the booth area and talks to some franchising experts at WOFEX 2013.

Our main agenda is to check out the food business trends and also consult for a franchise business.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

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